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Bubbling AdS space and 1/2 BPS geometries
We consider all 1/2 BPS excitations of AdS × S configurations in both type-IIB string theory and M-theory. In the dual field theories these excitations are described by free fermions. ConfigurationsExpand
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Deforming field theories with U(1) × U(1) global symmetry and their gravity duals
We find the gravity dual of a marginal deformation of = 4 super Yang Mills, and discuss some of its properties. This deformation is intimately connected with an SL(2,) symmetry of the gravity theory.Expand
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AdS / CFT duality and the black hole information paradox
Abstract Near-extremal black holes are obtained by exciting the Ramond sector of the D1-D5 CFT, where the ground state is highly degenerate. We find that the dual geometries for these ground statesExpand
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Gravity solutions for the D1-D5 system with angular momentum
We construct a large family of supergravity solutions that describe BPS excitations on AdS_3 x S^3 with angular momentum on S^3. These solutions take into account the full backreaction on the metric.Expand
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Three-Point Functions for MN/SN Orbifolds¶with?= 4 Supersymmetry
Abstract: The D1–D5 system is believed to have an “orbifold point” in its moduli space where its low energy theory is a ?=4 supersymmetric sigma model with target space MN/SN, where M is T4 or K3. WeExpand
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Metric of the multiply wound rotating string
Abstract We consider a string wrapped many times around a compact circle in space, and let this string carry a right-moving wave which imparts momentum and angular momentum to the string. The angularExpand
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Statistical interpretation of the Bekenstein entropy for systems with a stretched horizon.
For the two-charge extremal holes in string theory we show that the Bekenstein entropy obtained from the area of the stretched horizon has a statistical interpretation as a "coarse graining entropy":Expand
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What is the gravity dual of a chiral primary
Abstract In the AdS/CFT correspondence a chiral primary is described by a string theory solution with mass equaling angular momentum. For AdS 3 × S 3 we are led to consider three special families ofExpand
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Black strings in asymptotically plane wave geometries
We present a class of black string spacetimes which asymptote to maximally symmetric plane wave geometries. Our construction will rely on a solution generating technique, the null Melvin twist, whichExpand
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