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Life-history trade-offs favour the evolution of animal personalities
In recent years evidence has been accumulating that personalities are not only found in humans but also in a wide range of other animal species. Individuals differ consistently in their behaviouralExpand
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Evolution of Fighting Behaviour: Decision Rules and Assessment of Relative Strength
Abstract A mathematical model of fighting behaviour is developed. The contestants belong to a population with varying fighting abilities and the fights consist of the repetition of one type ofExpand
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The Effect of Flexible Growth Rates on Optimal Sizes and Development Times in a Seasonal Environment
The interrelationships among development time, growth rate, and adult size are investigated using simple optimization models of a seasonal life history in which larger adults have greaterExpand
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A test of the sequential assessment game: fighting in the cichlid fish Nannacara anomala
Many species have a repertoire of behaviour patterns that are used in contests over resources. It is likely that the function of these behaviour patterns is the assessment of asymmetries between con-Expand
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Evolution of cooperation through indirect reciprocity
How can cooperation through indirect reciprocity evolve and what would it be like? This problem has previously been studied by simulating evolution in a small group of interacting individuals,Expand
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Evolution of fighting behaviour: The effect of variation in resource value
A number of empirical studies have shown that animals adjust their fighting behaviour when resource value is changed. We apply evolutionary game theory to investigate how variation in resource valueExpand
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The evolution of fatal fighting
The evolution of fatal fighting was investigated using evolutionary game theory. General considerations about the lifetime consequences of fighting behaviour are first discussed. A sequentialExpand
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Multidimensional convergence stability
Questions: Are there general stability conditions for the evolution Of Multidimensional traits, regardless of genetic correlations between traits? Can genetic correlations influence whether evolutiExpand
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Disruptive selection and then what?
Disruptive selection occurs when extreme phenotypes have a fitness advantage over more intermediate phenotypes. The phenomenon is particularly interesting when selection keeps a population in aExpand
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Evolutionary Stability of Aposematic Coloration and Prey Unprofitability: A Theoretical Analysis
Species that have evolved some defense against predators, here called unprofitable prey, often show aposematic (warning) coloration. The process whereby a predator learns not to attack unprofitableExpand
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