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Relationships between Arctic sea ice drift and strength modelled by NEMO-LIM3.6
Abstract. Sea ice cover and thickness have substantially decreased in the Arctic Ocean since the beginning of the satellite era. As a result, sea ice strength has been reduced, allowing moreExpand
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Level-ice melt ponds in the Los Alamos sea ice model, CICE
A new meltpond parameterization has been developed for the CICE sea ice model, taking advantage of the level ice tracer available in the model. The ponds evolve according to physically based processExpand
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On the formulation of snow thermal conductivity in large-scale sea ice models
An assessment of the performance of a state-of-the-art large-scale coupled sea iceocean model, including a new snow multilayer thermodynamic scheme, is performed. Four 29 year long simulations areExpand
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Comparing methods of measuring sea-ice density in the East Antarctic
Abstract Remotely sensed derivation of sea-ice thickness requires sea·ice density. Sea-ice density was estimated with three techniques during the second Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperimettExpand
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Quantifying climate feedbacks in polar regions
The concept of feedback is key in assessing whether a perturbation to a system is amplified or damped by mechanisms internal to the system. In polar regions, climate dynamics are controlled by bothExpand
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Snow in the changing sea-ice systems
Snow is the most reflective, and also the most insulative, natural material on Earth. Consequently, it is an integral part of the sea-ice and climate systems. However, the spatial and temporalExpand
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Interactions between wind-blown snow redistribution and melt ponds in a coupled ocean–sea ice model
Introducing a parameterization of the interactions between wind-driven snow depth changes and melt pond evolution allows us to improve large scale models. In this paper we have implemented anExpand
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A new snow thermodynamic scheme for large-scale sea-ice models
Abstract This paper assesses the capabilities of a new one-dimensional snow scheme developed for the thermodynamic component of the Louvain-la-Neuve sea-Ice Model (LIM). the model is validated atExpand
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Irrigation et société en Asie centrale des origines à l’époque achéménide
Résumé L’article fait le point sur la question de l’origine de l’agriculture irriguée en Asie centrale au début du IIIe millénaire et de son développement jusqu’à l’époque achéménide d’après uneExpand
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The Iron Age of Northern Hyrcania
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