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Fine-grained Analysis of Sentence Embeddings Using Auxiliary Prediction Tasks
We propose a framework that facilitates fine-grained measurement of some of the information encoded in sentence embeddings. Expand
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Mode of Occupation of Tabun Cave, Mt Carmel, Israel During the Mousterian Period: A Study of the Sediments and Phytoliths
Alternative modes of occupation of Tabun Cave during the deposition of the Mousterian Levels B and C have been proposed. Garrod & Bate (1937, Excavations at the Wady El-Mughara, Volume 1. Oxford:Expand
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Network-Induced Classification Kernels for Gene Expression Profile Analysis
We introduce a new kernel method--called NICK--that integrates network and expression data for SVM classification, and demonstrate that overall it achieves better results than extant methods while running two orders of magnitude faster. Expand
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Anomaly Detection in Large Databases Using Behavioral Patterning
We present a novel approach for detecting malicious user activity in databases. Expand
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Analysis of blood-based gene expression in idiopathic Parkinson disease
Objective: To examine whether gene expression analysis of a large-scale Parkinson disease (PD) patient cohort produces a robust blood-based PD gene signature compared to previous studies that haveExpand
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Different sets of QTLs influence fitness variation in yeast
Most of the phenotypes in nature are complex and are determined by many quantitative trait loci (QTLs). In this study we identify gene sets that contribute to one important complex trait: the abilityExpand
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Smarter log analysis
This paper describes IBM Mining Effectively Large Output Data Yield (MELODY) is a unique and innovative solution for handling these logs and filtering out the anomalies and failures. Expand
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Estimate and Replace: A Novel Approach to Integrating Deep Neural Networks with Existing Applications
We use an estimator subnetwork, which we call EstiLayer, to estimate each of the non-differentiable applications. Expand
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Enhanced tungstate electrochromism via formation of transparent conductive networks
Abstract Indium tin oxide (ITO) nanopowder was added to a polymer film containing WO 3  · H 2 O particles to enhance electron conductivity and complimentary Li ion kinetics in an electrochromicExpand
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Analysis of sentence embedding models using prediction tasks in natural language processing
The tremendous success of word embeddings in improving the ability of computers to perform natural language tasks has shifted the research on language representation from word representation to focus on sentence representation. Expand
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