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Multivariate data analysis in pharmaceutics: a tutorial review.
We provide an overview of latent variable methods used in pharmaceutics and integrated with advanced characterization techniques such as vibrational spectroscopy. The basics of the most common latentExpand
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Discriminating variable test and selectivity ratio plot: quantitative tools for interpretation and variable (biomarker) selection in complex spectral or chromatographic profiles.
The discriminating variable (DIVA) test and the selectivity ratio (SR) plot are developed as quantitative tools for revealing the variables in spectral or chromatographic profiles discriminating bestExpand
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Maturity determination of organic matter in coals using the methylphenanthrene distribution
Abstract The distribution of phenanthrene and monomethylphenanthrenes in extracts of 15 different coals was determined by gas chromatography. The maturity as measured by vitrinite reflectance variedExpand
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Heuristic evolving latent projections: resolving two-way multicomponent data. 1. Selectivity, latent-projective graph, datascope, local rank, and unique resolution
Heuristic evolving latent projections (HELP) are proposed as a new method to resolve two-way bilinear multicomponent data into spectra and chromatograms of the pure constituents. The method isExpand
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Heuristic evolving latent projections: resolving two-way multicomponent data. 2. Detection and resolution of minor constituents
The new method of heuristic evolving latent projections (HELP) is used for the resolution of two-component mixtures of isomers characterized by liquid chromatography with diode array detection. FourExpand
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Biomarker discovery in mass spectral profiles by means of selectivity ratio plot
Abstract This work presents a new method for variable selection in complex spectral profiles. The method is validated by comparing samples from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) with the same samples spikedExpand
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Effects of physical activity on schoolchildren's academic performance: The Active Smarter Kids (ASK) cluster-randomized controlled trial.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of a seven-month, school-based cluster-randomized controlled trial on academic performance in 10-year-old children. METHODS In total, 1129 fifth-grade childrenExpand
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Screening of biomarkers in rat urine using LC/electrospray ionization-MS and two-way data analysis.
Biofluids, like urine, form very complex matrixes containing a large number of potential biomarkers, that is, changes of endogenous metabolites in response to xenobiotic exposure. This paperExpand
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Active Smarter Kids (ASK): Rationale and design of a cluster-randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of daily physical activity on children’s academic performance and risk factors for
BackgroundEvidence is emerging from school-based studies that physical activity might favorably affect children’s academic performance. However, there is a need for high-quality studies to supportExpand
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