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MPEG-4 natural audio coding
MPEG-4 audio represents a new kind of audio coding standard. Unlike its predecessors, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 high-quality audio coding, and unlike the speech coding standards which have been completed byExpand
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Effective light trapping in polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells by means of rear localized surface plasmons
Significant photocurrent enhancement has been achieved for evaporated solid-phase-crystallized polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on glass, due to light trapping provided by AgExpand
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Investigations in the TECFLAM swirling diffusion flame: Laser Raman measurements and CFD calculations
Abstract.A standard burner for confined swirling natural gas flames is presented which was developed within the German TECFLAM cooperation. The aims of the TECFLAM research program are theExpand
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Poly-Si on glass thin-film PV research at UNSW
Thin-film polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) on glass is a promising material for lowering the cost of PV electricity. This paper gives an update on the poly-Si on glass thin-film PV research in ourExpand
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GERG Project: Wide-range reference equation of state for natural gases
A group of European gas companies, GERG, supported the development of a new equation of state for the thermodynamic properties of natural gases covering the gas and liquid region including theExpand
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Shunting Problems Due to Sub-Micron Pinholes in Evaporated Solid-Phase Crystallised Poly-Si Thin-Film Solar Cells on Glass
Recent progress in the metallisation of poly-silicon thin-film solar cells on glass, created by solid phase crystallisation (SPC) of evaporated amorphous silicon (EVA), revealed that shunting throughExpand
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Advances in Evaporated Solid-Phase-Crystallized Poly-Si Thin-Film Solar Cells on Glass (EVA)
Polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on glass obtained by solid-phase crystallization (SPC) of PECVD-deposited a-Si precursor diodes are capable of producing large-area devices withExpand
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Performance potential of low-defect density silicon thin-film solar cells obtained by electron beam evaporation and laser crystallisation
A few microns thick silicon films on glass coated with a dielectric intermediate layer can be crystallised by a single pass of a line-focused diode laser beam. Under favorable process conditionsExpand
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Challenges of evaporated solid-phase-crystallised poly-Si thin-film solar cells on textured glass
In this paper we discuss e-beam evaporated solidphase crystallised poly-Si thin-film solar cells on textured glass superstrates of various degrees of roughness. Light trapping in these films isExpand
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Modelling the effects of distributed series resistance on Suns-Voc, m-Voc and Jsc-Suns curves of solar cells
A simple model based on the simulation of distributed series resistance effects in solar cells is presented. This model overcomes limitations of the standard two-diode model representation of solarExpand
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