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Temperature variations since the mid-18th century for western Nepal, as reconstructed from tree-ring width and density of
The climate of western Nepal was reconstructed for the past 249 years using ring width and wood density of Abies spectabilis (D. Don) Spach from western Nepal. A total of 46 increment core samplesExpand
The effects of tracheid dimensions on variations in maximum density of Picea glehnii and relationships to climatic factors
Abstract An investigation was made of the effects of tracheid dimensions on variations in the maximum density of Picea glehnii Mast., which were associated with climatic changes. Radial cell diameterExpand
Warm-Season Annual to Decadal Temperature Variability for Hokkaido, Japan, Inferred from Maximum Latewood Density and Ring Width Data
We present a warm season (April–September) temperature reconstructionfor Asahikawa, north central Hokkaido, Japan for AD 1557–1990. The reconstruction, which accounts for 34% of the temperatureExpand
Dendroclimatological Investigations of Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) and Reconstruction of the Equilibrium Line Altitude of the July First Glacier in the Western Qilian Mountains, Northwestern
Radial growth characteristics of a high-elevation shrub species, sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), were investigated at four sites in a river valley at altitudes ranging from 3,333 to 3,820 mExpand
The effect of climatic factors on the radial growth of Japanese ash in northern Hokkaido, Japan
The results reveal the potential usefulness of Japanese ash for reconstruction of past climate in Hokkaido and contribute to a development of a tree-ring network in Japan that is still sparse. Expand
Reproductive Ecology of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margaritifera togakushiensis (Bivalvia: Margaritiferidae) in Japan
Investigation of the timings of spawning and glochidial release of Margaritifera togakushiensis in the Sakasa River, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, suggests that water temperature influences the timing of reproductive behavior of females. Expand
Abrupt growth changes in Norway spruce and Yezo spruce near an industrial district in Hokkaido, Japan
Abstract Increments in the radii of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.) and Yezo spruce (Picea jezoensis Carr.) trees that revealed symptoms of a decline in growth were analyzed by dendrochronologicalExpand