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Breeding Sites of Phlebotomus sergenti, the Sand Fly Vector of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in the Judean Desert
Phlebotomine sand flies transmit Leishmania, phlebo-viruses and Bartonella to humans. A prominent gap in our knowledge of sand fly biology remains the ecology of their immature stages. Sand flies,Expand
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Energy spectrum and chemical composition of cosmic rays between 0.3 and 10 PeV determined from the Cherenkov-light and charged-particle distributions in air showers
Measurements of the lateral distribution of Cherenkov photons with the wide-angle atmospheric Cherenkov light detector array AIROBICC and of the charged particle lateral distribution with theExpand
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Sergentomyia spp.: breeding sites in vertisols and peri-domestic habitats in North West Ethiopia.
Sand flies belonging to the genus Sergentomyia Franca & Parrot, 1920, are hematophagous insects feeding mostly on reptiles and birds, but some species feed also on mammals including humans.Expand
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Exclusion of phlebotomine sand flies from inhabited areas by means of vertical mesh barriers.
Vector control constitutes an important component of integrated disease control campaigns. Source reduction is not an option for phlebotomine sand fly vectors of leishmaniasis, because larvalExpand
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Shear stiffness in nanolaminar Ti3SiC2 challenges ab initio calculations.
Nanolaminates such as the M(n + 1)AX(n) (MAX) phases are a material class with ab initio derived elasticity tensors published for over 250 compounds. We have for the first time experimentallyExpand
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Detection of γ-rays above 1.5TeV from MKN 501.
A detection of TeV γ-rays from Mkn 501 is reported, based on observations made between March and August 1996 with the first HEGRA Cherenkov telescope (CT1). From the image analysis, 351 excessExpand
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An assessment of the effect of cutting welded samples on residual stress measurements by chill modelling
In making residual stress measurements in welds, a common problem is that the samples are often cut before measurement, which may alter the stresses. To estimate the effects of cutting, a simplifiedExpand
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Studies on the flight patterns of foraging sand flies.
Phlebotomine sand flies transmit Leishmania parasites that cause leishmaniasis in humans. We report experimental results that improve our understanding of how foraging sand flies proceed over flat orExpand
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Rotational dynamics of methyl groups in m-xylene.
Methyl group dynamics of m-xylene was investigated by using incoherent inelastic and quasi-elastic neutron scattering. Inelastic measurements were carried out at the high flux backscatteringExpand
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Rotational dynamics and coupling of methyl group rotations in methyl fluoride studied by high resolution inelastic neutron scattering.
Methyl group rotations in methyl fluoride were studied using the high flux backscattering spectrometer SPHERES at FRM-II. The asymmetry and width of the low temperature tunneling peak was used toExpand
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