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Toward individual prognosis of IgA nephropathy.
The individual prognosis of adult IgA nephropathy patients was studied using the proportional hazards model for the time from biopsy until endstage renal disease. After selection of the most relevantExpand
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Statistical survival analysis of male larynx‐cancer patients ‐ a case study
Abstract  This paper deals with a concrete case: Of 90 male larynx-cancer patients, diagnosed and treated in the period 1970–1978, either the survival time or, if the patient was still alive at theExpand
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Comparative diagnostic performance of three radiological procedures for the detection of lumbar disk herniation.
Literature data on the diagnostic performance of phlebography, myelography, and CT scan applied to patients with suspected lumbar disk herniation (LDH) are analyzed to extract maximal informationExpand
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Classical Methods of Statistics
Classical methods of statistics , Classical methods of statistics , کتابخانه دیجیتال جندی شاپور اهواز
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Development of head position preference during early infancy: a longitudinal study in the daily life situation.
We studied developmental changes in supine head position preference in a group of 14 healthy full-term infants from age 3 to 18 weeks. The infants assumed an initial head-right position until 12Expand
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Quieting during early infancy: evidence for a developmental change?
The ability to terminate crying (quieting) without intervention was studied from 0 to 18 weeks. Two groups were involved: 11 newborns during the first hour after birth and a longitudinal group of 14Expand
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