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An implementation of a proposed modification of CAN protocol on CAN fieldbus controller component for supporting a dynamic priority policy
This paper demonstrates in this paper the easy implementation of the proposed modification of CAN protocol in a CAN controller component and its compatibility with older controllers. Expand
SCPN modeling and comparative performance evaluation of bussed and crossbar-based switched fabric CAN
SCPN models of switched fabric and bussed CAN network are presented using timed colored Petri nets and comparison is applied to both of the models to extract information on network performance metrics. Expand
Performance Analysis of Wireless Control Area Networks
The throughput-latency time couple that would guarantee a maximum throughput and a minimum latency time in the case of wireless communications, precisely in WCAN are computed. Expand
Modeling and Performance Evaluation of 2D and 3D NoCs using Discrete Event Simulation
This paper introduces a high level NoC simulation platform that is based on Mathworks Simulink and the SimEvents discrete event simulation engine and model a 2D and a 3D mesh NoCs using this method and evaluates their performances. Expand
Rules to Transform Specific Description Language Diagram Into Coloured Petri Nets
A method for validation of a specification and description language diagrams by translating the diagram into coloured Petri nets and verifying and discussing the results. Expand
Design and implementation of Wishbone bridge for an iSLIP based NoC
This paper presents a Network On Chip (NoC) implementation with a Wishbone interface that would facilitate the transition from Wishbone-based SoCs to NoCs without major modifications. Expand
SCPN evaluation of a Switched fabric CAN Network
Nowadays distributed computing in complex embedded systems gain complexity when they are equipped with many microcontrollers which oversee many Electronic Control Units (ECU). High performance andExpand
NRTBox: A Matlab Simulink toolbox for NoC switch performance evaluation and early architectural exploration using discrete event simulation
A Matlab toolbox aimed at the early-stage design space exploration for NoC router design, the router founding element of a NoC, based on the discrete event simulation engine SimEvents is presented. Expand
SimEvents based high level early design space exploration and modeling of a 3D Network on Chip
This paper presents the simulation of a model of a mesh 4 × 4 × 3 3D NoC using SimEvents, a Discrete Event Simulation accessible through Mathworks Simulink. Expand
RSSI based Localization in realistic environment
  • O. Kallel, Z. Jemaa
  • 4th International Conference on Advanced Systems…
  • 15 December 2020
In most of the works that have dealt with the problem of localization, it has been assumed that the antennas are omnidirectional. This paper aims to show how much this hypothesis is realistic; weExpand