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Negotiating Dominant Masculinity Ideology: Strategies Used by Gay, Bisexual and Questioning Male Adolescents
In the context of a U.S. dominant masculinity ideology, which devalues men who are not heterosexually identified, many gay, bisexual and questioning (GBQ) adolescent males must develop their ownExpand
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iShocks: X-ray binary jets with an internal shocks model
In the following paper, we present an internal shocks model, iShocks, for simulating a variety of relativistic jet scenarios; these scenarios can range from a single ejection event to an almostExpand
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Sexual and ethnic identity development among gay-bisexual-questioning (GBQ) male ethnic minority adolescents.
Identity development is a critical task of adolescence and occurs across multiple areas of self-identification. Although research on the identity development process among individuals who are ethnicExpand
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Collaborative Community-Based Research as Activism: Giving Voice and Hope to Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth
SUMMARY Psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals who work with lesbian, gay, and/or bisexual (LGB) youth are in an ideal position to engage in activism aimed at improvingExpand
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Age-Concordant and Age-Discordant Sexual Behavior Among Gay and Bisexual Male Adolescents
There is evidence that risks for HIV and sexually transmitted infections among adolescent females are higher for those with older male sexual partners. Yet, little empirical research has beenExpand
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Trend of Endurance Level Among Healthy Inner-City Children and Adolescents Over Three Decades
The aim of this study was to understand how endurance time, a proxy for physical fitness, has changed in healthy inner-city children and adolescents in the past three decades. This was aExpand
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Quality and Safety in Emergency Radiology
Purpose of ReviewTo review and outline problems and challenges in regard to patient safety along with solutions to overcome them.Recent FindingsErrors and discrepancies in radiology practice areExpand
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Internal shocks model for microquasar jets
We present an internal shocks model to investigate particle acceleration and radiation production in microquasar jets. The jet is modelled with discrete ejecta at various time intervals. These ejectaExpand
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