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Optimal Design of Protein Production Plants with Time and Size Factor Process Models
In this work we propose an optimization model for the design of a biotechnological multiproduct batch plant. A first level of detail posynomial model is constructed for each unit, as well asExpand
Strategies for the simultaneous optimization of the structure and the process variables of a protein production plant
Abstract Process performance models for a multiproduct batch protein plant are used to exploit alternative strategies in the optimization of both the process variables and the structure of the plant.Expand
Multiperiod optimization for the design and planning of multiproduct batch plants
This paper presents a general multiperiod optimization model, which simultaneously solves the design and planning decisions in multiproduct batch plants. Expand
Design and operation issues using NLP superstructure modeling
Till present, models that determined batch plants configurations in the chemical process industry resorted to models with binary variables to represent the different admissible options. This approachExpand
Simplified models for binary batch distillation
Abstract The material balances of batch distillation with intermediate cuts to be recycled involve an iterative procedure until reaching a “steady operation” balance. Thus, the rigorous simulationExpand
Process performance models in the optimization of multiproduct protein production plants.
In this work we propose a model that simultaneously optimizes the process variables and the structure of a multiproduct batch plant for the production of recombinant proteins. The complete modelExpand
Posynomial modeling of batch plants: A procedure to include process decision variables
Abstract A general procedure for the generation of posynomial models of batch plants is presented. Posynomial models describe process stages with size factors and cycle times, allowing the synthesisExpand
Dynamic simulations in the design of batch processes
Abstract This paper presents a conceptual procedure for the modeling of batch plants with posynomial expressions, and a resolution strategy for the optimization of the process decision variables,Expand
The design of multiproduct batch plants with process performance models
A model is presented for the optimal design of multiproduct batch plants, which uses process performance information. The process description resembles the familiar polynomial model for sizes andExpand
Optimal Process Synthesis for the Production of Multiple Recombinant Proteins
This paper presents a novel solution strategy for the synthesis of multiproduct and multihost protein production processes. Expand