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Oiling the friction: environmental conflict management in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.
  • O. Ibeanu
  • Economics
    Environmental Change and Security Project report
  • 2000
Drawing on numerous interviews while living and working in the Niger Delta, Doctor Okechukwu Ibeanu analyzes the management of conflicts surrounding petroleum production in the region, including the role of state violence and contradictory perceptions of security held by Delta communities and the oil companies and their partners in the Nigerian federal government.
Janus Unbound: petrobusiness & petropolitics in the Niger Delta
More encouraging have been lawsuits against both Shell and Chevron in the US brought by victims of corporate-sponsored human rights abuses in the Delta. The cases, pursued by the Center for
Ethnicity and Transition to Democracy in Nigeria: Explaining the Passing of Authoritarian Rule in a Multi-ethnic Society
This essay addresses an important variable in Nigerian politics, namely, ethnicity and the ways in which it affects the conduct of national affairs. It represents an effort at theorizing the role
The Role of Accountability in Promoting Good Governance: An Introduction to Election Promise Tracking in West Africa
Should we really be speaking of good governance rather than democratic government? Is good governance the same as democratic government? The answer is simple: good governance and democratic
Despotism, Democracy and Diplomacy: Nigeria – South Africa Relations 1993-1999
« Despotisme, Democratie et Diplomatie: Relations Nigeria-Afrique du Sud 1993-1999 » Resume Immediatement apres son accession a l'independance en 1960, le Nigeria a assume un role d'avant-scene dans