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M/G/1/r retrial queueing systems with priority of primary customers
We analyze a single-server retrial queueing system with finite buffer, Poisson arrivals, and general distribution of service time. If an arriving customer finds the queue completely occupied he joinsExpand
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A first estimate of triply heavy baryon masses from the pNRQCD perturbative static potential
Within pNRQCD we compute the masses of spin-averaged triply heavy baryons using the now-available NNLO pNRQCD potentials and three-body variational approach. We focus in particular on the role of theExpand
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Malignant migratory partial seizures of infancy: description of clinical observations
Epileptic encephalopathies of infancy are difficult-to-treat destructive cases of epilepsy in infants and young children, which include the two clinical observations of Coppola – Dulac syndromeExpand
Triply heavy baryon mass estimated within pNRQCD
Potential-NRQCD offers an effective-theory based approach to heavy-quark physics. While meson Q-anti_Q computations are tractable in pure alpha_s-perturbation theory, more complex many-body quarkExpand
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Parity nonconservation in the radiative recombination of electrons with heavy hydrogen-like ions
The parity nonconservation effect on the radiative recombination of electrons with heavy hydrogen-like ions is studied. Calculations are performed for the recombination into the 21S0 state ofExpand
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