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Fatty Acids in the Species of Several Zygomycete Taxa
The data on the efficient synthesis of these acids make the actively producing strains promising for biotechnological synthesis of commercially valuable lipids. Expand
[Use of lipids isolated from mycelial waste during antibiotic production].
[Effect of the exogenous lipids of complex media on the fatty acid composition of mycelial microorganisms].
The composition of fatty acids in total extracted lipids of the studied mycelial microorganisms was shown to reflect two processes: lipid synthesis de novo and assimilation of exogenous fatty acids. Expand
[Stability of the fatty acid composition of actinomycetes].
The stability of fatty acid composition of total extractable lipids was studied in Streptomyces cultures when the actinomycetes were grown as submerged cultures in various synthetic media: saturated fatty acids with methyl branching in the chain predominated in all of the cases, and fatty amino acids with an uneven number of carbon atoms in the Chain prevailed in most of the Cases. Expand
[Lipids of initial and mutant cultures of Penicillium chrysogenum, producers of penicillin].
Comparative investigation of lipogenesis in 2 initial and 4 mutant strains of Penicillium chrysogenum showed that there were no noticeable differences in the composition of the lipid fatty acids inExpand