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The development of precise genetic stocks in two wheat cultivars and their use in genetic analysis
SummaryThe results of genetic studies of common wheat that have been conducted in Novosibirsk, Russia, over the past 20 years by a research team are summarized. The research strategy was to develop aExpand
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Genetic analysis of glume colour in common wheat cultivars from the former USSR
Genotypes for the glume colour character have been studied in 27 cultivars of common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) originated from old landraces, and 1 specimen of T. petropavlovskyi Udacz. etExpand
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Microsatellites confirm the authenticity of inter-varietal chromosome substitution lines of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Abstract Ninety-five wheat microsatellite markers (WMS) were used to verify the authenticity of the set of Saratovskaya 29/Yanetzkis Probat inter-varietal wheat chromosome substitution linesExpand
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Effect of alien 5R(5A) chromosome substitution on ear-emergence time and winter hardiness in wheat-rye substitution lines
Ear emergence time and response to vernalization were investigated in 12 alien substitution lines in which a pair of chromosomes 5A of recipient spring wheat cultivars was replaced by a pair ofExpand
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Inheritance of genes coding for gliadin proteins and glume colour introgressed into Triticum aestivum from a synthetic wheat
A synthetic hexaploid, Triticum timofeevii x T. tauschii, was used to transfer disease resistance genes to the commercial cultivar Saratovskaya 29 (S29) by backcrossing. After five backcrosses theExpand
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Wheat Microsatellites: The Prospects of Application for Gene Mapping and Analysis of the Reconstructed Genomes
Microsatellite markers Xgwmand Xgdmwere used to map the S1, S2, and S3genes of the induced sphaerococcoid mutants of Triticum aestivumL. and to analyze the introgressive lines of common wheat,Expand
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Role of prolamins in BMQ of wheat substitution lines raised from cultivars contrasting in this quality
Prolamin patterns have been investigated in two common wheat cultivars: Novosibirskaya 67 (N67) and Diamant 1 (Dm1), which possess contrasting indices of grain, dough, and bread quality; Dm1/N67Expand
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