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Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis
blockbuster. In the first 16 years (for which figures are available), more than 70,000 copies of Essence of Decision were sold; by its 25th anniversary, more than 1,600 journal articles referenced inExpand
Public opinion and American foreign policy
Thoroughly revised edition of an essential text, incorporating a wealth of new material on American foreign policy since 9/11. The second edition of this concise masterwork includes vast amounts ofExpand
Public Opinion and Foreign Policy: Challenges to the Almond-Lippmann Consensus
This article surveys and assesses theories and research on public opinion and foreign policy. Most of the evidence is drawn from the literature on the United States. Three twentieth-century wars haveExpand
The Structure of Foreign Policy Attitudes among American Leaders
The recent renaissance of interest in public opinion and foreign policy has generated a vigorous debate about the dimensions that characterize foreign policy attitudes. This paper assesses a schemeExpand
The “Operational Code” Approach to the Study of Political Leaders: John Foster Dulles' Philosophical and Instrumental Beliefs*
On admet que les comportements sont largement tributaires de la perception du milieu physique et social ambiant. Celle-ci, en retour, est conditionnee par un ensemble de croyances sur ce qui a ete,Expand
To See Ourselves as Others See Us: How Publics Abroad View the United States after 9/11
In terms of military and economic power, the United States remains one of the strongest nations in the world. Yet the U.S. seems to have lost the power of persuasion, the ability to make allies andExpand
The belief system and national images: a case study
Even a cursory survey of the relevant literature reveals that in recent years-particularly in the decade and a half since the end of World War II-students of international politics have taken aExpand
A Widening Gap between the U.S. Military and Civilian Society? Some Evidence, 1976-96
  • O. Holsti
  • Political Science
  • International Security
  • 24 January 1998
~ Although civilian-military relations are central to democratic governance, American interest in the issue has waxed and waned. Until 1945 the United Sates’ favorable geographic position permittedExpand