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Design of a Novel Reversible Multiplier Circuit Using HNG Gate in Nanotechnology
Reversible logic circuits are of interests to power minimization having applications in low power CMOS design, optical information processing, DNA computing, bioinformatics, quantum computing andExpand
A universal method for designing low-power carbon nanotube FET-based multiple-valued logic circuits
This study presents new low-power multiple-valued logic (MVL) circuits for nanoelectronics. Expand
Design and Evaluation of CNFET-Based Quaternary Circuits
This paper presents novel high-performance and PVT tolerant quaternARY logic circuits as well as efficient quaternary arithmetic circuits for nanoelectronics. Expand
Efficient CNTFET-based Ternary Full Adder Cells for Nanoelectronics
This paper presents two new efficient ternary Full Adder cells for nanoelectronics. These CNTFET-based ternary Full Adders are designed based on the unique characteristics of the CNTFET device, suchExpand
High Speed Capacitor-Inverter Based Carbon Nanotube Full Adder
Carbon Nanotube filed-effect transistor (CNFET) is one of the promising alternatives to the MOS transistors. The geometry-dependent threshold voltage is one of the CNFET characteristics, which isExpand
Two new low-power Full Adders based on majority-not gates
Two novel low-power 1-bit Full Adder cells are proposed in this paper. Expand
A 0.6-V, 0.4-µW bulk-driven operational amplifier with rail-to-rail input/output swing
An ultra-low-power two-stage operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) with full rail-to-rail input/output swing is presented. Expand
An efficient architecture for designing reverse converters based on a general three-moduli set
In this paper, a high-speed, low-cost and efficient design of reverse converter for the general three-moduli set {2^@a, 2^@b-1, 2 ^@b+1} where @a<@b is presented. Expand
CNFET-Based Design of Energy-Efficient Symmetric Three-Input XOR and Full Adder Circuits
This paper presents a novel CNFET-based design for three-input Exclusive-OR circuits as well as Full Adder cells for low-voltage and high frequency applications. Expand
Performance analysis and simulation of two different architectures of (6:3) and (7:3) compressors based on carbon Nano-Tube Field Effect Transistors
In this paper, two different architectures of (6-3 and (7-3) compressors, including the conventional topology based on full adder cells with the most interesting of those recently proposed and XOR/MUX based topology, are analyzed and compared for speed, power consumption and power-delay product at transistor-level in Carbon Nano-tube Field Effect Transistor (CNFET) technology. Expand