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Allergic contact dermatitis from falcarinol isolated from Schefflera arboricola
Falcarinol, but not faicarindiol, falcarinone and dehydrofalcarin one, elicited allergic contact dermatitis in a 38–year‐old female plant‐nursery worker. Expand
The treatment of plantar warts with a keratolytic agent and occlusion
In an open, multicentre study, patients with one to ten plantar warts on each foot were randomized prior to treatment for up to 17 weeks to receive either a keratolytic agent alone (Promicid gel) orExpand
Standard patch test results in 3,225 consecutive Danish patients from 1973 to 1977
From 1973 to 1977 a total of 3,225 patients were patch tested al the Department of Dermatology, Odense University Hospital, Denmark: 1.038 patients reacted to one or more allergens. The data onExpand
A retrospective study of cataract formation in 96 patients treated with PUVA.
No patient developed cataract during the PUVA treatment period and these findings were found to correspond to those in a "standard population". Expand
Contact dermatitis due to miconazole nitrate
This case indicates the importance of patch testing the drugs used by patients with erythema multiforme, as positive patch tests indicate delayed-type allergy, which may occur in patients with ___ or with other drug reactions. Expand
Allergic contact dermatitis from Philodendron scandens KOCH et SELLO subsp. oxycardium (SCHOTT) BUNTING (“Philodendron scandens cordatum”)
Allergic contact dermatitis due to Philodendron scandens KOCH et SELLO subsp. oxycardium (SCHOTT) BUNTING (“Philodendron scandens cordatum”) is seldom reported. In four patients with dermatitis,Expand
Allergic contact dermatitis from Schefflera
Considering the large quantity of this preparation sold over 5 years, the incidence of sensitisation must be regarded as very low and the potential for induction and maintenance of sorbic acid sensitivity from such sources obviously exists. Expand
[Tuberculous bursitis in a Pakistani immigrant].
Contradictory results following patch testing with Finn Chambers
The patient had had no dermatologic illness and had not received topical steroids on a regular or routine basis, but after an initial reaction to injected Kenalog, she displayed positive patch tests to multiple steroid creams. Expand