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The integration of alien plants in mutualistic plant–hummingbird networks across the Americas: the importance of species traits and insularity
Aim: To investigate the role of alien plants in mutualistic plant–hummingbird networks, assessing the importance of species traits, floral abundance and insularity on alien plant integration.Expand
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How Early Do Birds Start Chirping? Dawn Chorus Onset and Peak Times in a Neotropical City
Summary. Urbanisation poses important challenges for animal communication. Avian dawn choruses are a prominent component of urban soundscapes and have received attention in recent urban ecologyExpand
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Resolving incongruence: Species of hybrid origin in Columnea (Gesneriaceae).
Speciation by hybridization has long been recognized among plants and includes both homoploid and allopolyploid speciation. The numbers of presumed hybrid species averages close to 11% and tends toExpand
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Abundance drives broad patterns of generalisation in plant–hummingbird pollination networks
1287 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– © 2019 The Authors. Oikos published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of Nordic Society Oikos This is an open access article under the terms of theExpand
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Functional diversity mediates macroecological variation in plant–hummingbird interaction networks
Authors: Pietro Kiyoshi Maruyama, Jesper Sonne, Jeferson Vizentin-Bugoni, Ana M. Martín González, Thais B. Zanata, Stefan Abrahamczyk, Ruben Alarcón, Andréa C. Araujo, Francielle P. Araújo, Andrea C.Expand
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Ecological mechanisms explaining interactions within plant–hummingbird networks: morphological matching increases towards lower latitudes
Interactions between species are influenced by different ecological mechanisms, such as morphological matching, phenological overlap and species abundances. How these mechanisms explain interactionExpand
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Urban Conservation: Toward Bird-Friendly Cities in Latin America
Urbanization is a major threat to biodiversity. Nevertheless, an important number of species has been recorded to live, and even thrive, within urban centers. Bird diversity has often been studiedExpand
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Diversidad, densidad poblacional y distribución espacial de Columnea (Gesneriaceae) en la Reserva Natural Río Ñambí, Nariño, Colombia
We studied the diversity, population density and vertical and spatial distribution of the species of Columnea in the Rio Nambi natural reserve, southwestern Colombia. We divided the area under studyExpand
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The Composition of Mixed-Species Bird Flocks in Alto Quindío, Colombia
Abstract Mixed-species bird flocks are a prevalent characteristic of Andean avian communities. We describe the species composition of mixed-species bird flocks observed in a high mountain zone (3,000Expand
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