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Aristotle's "Nicomachean ethics"
Otfried Hoffe: Introduction Otfried Hoffe: Ethics as practical philosophy - methodological considerations John L. Ackrill: Aristotle on eudaimonia Hellmut Flashar: The critique of Plato Ursula Wolf:Expand
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Kant's cosmopolitan theory of law and peace
Preface Part I. Morals: 1. Kant's challenge and relevance today 2. Aristotle instead of Kant? 3. Universalistic ethics and the faculty of judgment 4. On evil Part II. Right and Morals: 5. Kant's moreExpand
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Kant’s Principle of Justice as Categorical Imperative of Law
Since Kant published the Groundwork more than two hundred years ago, the concept of the categorical imperative has been under such scrutiny that one might be tempted to consider the subjectExpand
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Kant's Critique of Pure Reason: The Foundation of Modern Philosophy
The Full Critical Programme.- Four Reasons for Engaging with Kant's First Critique.- Innovation and Tradition.- Objectivity through Subjectivity.- A Philosophical Theory of Science.- FirstExpand
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Democracy in an Age of Globalisation
Qualified democracy.- The challenges of our times.- Consent out of advantage.- Principles of justice.- Public powers.- Subsidiarity and federalism.- The demise of the state?.- From subject toExpand
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Kant's Moral and Legal Philosophy
1. Introduction Karl Ameriks and Otfried Hoffe Part I. Early Conceptions: 2. Hutcheson and Kant Dieter Henrich 3. The theory of obligation in Wolff, Baumgarten, and the early Kant Clemens SchwaigerExpand
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Some Kantian Reflections on a World Republic
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