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Bioreceptivity : a new concept for building ecology studies
A definition of the concept of bioreceptivity as the ability of a material to be colonised by living organisms is given. Related terms, such as primary, secondary, tertiary, intrinsic, extrinsic andExpand
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Laboratory chamber studies and petrographical analysis as bioreceptivity assessment tools of building materials
Samples of selected building materials (including natural rocks, bricks, mortars and aerated concrete) were exposed over a 9-month period to intermittent sprinkling on steeply inclined runoffExpand
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Biological pathways of radionuclides originating from the Chernobyl fallout in a boreal forest ecosystem.
In an attempt to understand the mechanisms governing the transfer and retention of radiocaesium in the understorey vegetation, 39 macromycetes species and 33 plant species, together with humusExpand
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Decontamination methods for reducing radiation doses arising from radioactive contamination of forest ecosystems : a summary of available countermeasures
Abstract This paper provides a short summary of discussions within the REACT ‘Forest Ecosystem’ working group. It considers the applicability and effectiveness of specific countermeasures designed toExpand
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Principles and practices of countermeasures to be carried out following radioactive contamination of forest areas
Abstract An earlier article [1] featured a comprehensive list of specific measures aimed at reducing radiation levels within forest ecosystems. All these measures were assessed globally in terms ofExpand
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An assessment of experimental and potential countermeasures to reduce radionuclide transfers in forest ecosystems
Abstract The effectiveness and technical feasibility of measures which have been, or could be, used to reduce radionuclide transfers between forest compartments are evaluated. The variety of forestExpand
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Effect of fertilization on mycorrhizal fungi communities in two belgian forests
Abstract Observations under two spruce stands in Belgium reveal an important regression of mycorrhizal fungi after lime application. In the case of liming by spray over the canopy, this effect may beExpand
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