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Climate forcing, primary production and the distribution of Holocene biogenic sediments in the Gulf of California
Abstract The Gulf of California is a marginal seaway under the influence of a monsoon climate that produces cool, dry winters and warm, humid summers. Winds, tidal mixing and coastal-trapped wavesExpand
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The preserved carbonate record in Holocene sediments of the Alfonso and Pescadero basins, Gulf of California, Mexico
Multi-core and gravity cores were collected from Alfonso Basin, located on the western side of the Gulf of California with a sill in the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ), and from Pescadero Basin located onExpand
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Frequency and sources of basin floor turbidites in alfonso basin, Gulf of California, Mexico: Products of slope failures
Abstract Alfonso Basin is a small margin basin formed by extensional tectonics in the actively rifting, seismically active Gulf of California. The basin is centered at 24°40′ N and 110° 38′ W, and isExpand
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Sediment Organic Carbon in Todos Santos Bay, Baja California, Mexico
Sediment grain size and organic carbon (OC) data collected over the past 50 years, together with δ13C values of OC in recently collected samples, were analyzed to improve understanding of sediment OCExpand
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Reconstruction of past climate variability and ENSO-like fluctuations in the southern Gulf of California (Alfonso Basin) since the last glacial maximum
Abstract Nannofossil assemblages from core MD02-2510 provide a ~ 22 ka record of past oceanographic variability in Alfonso Basin (Gulf of California, east subtropical Pacific). In this area,Expand
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Sediment variations and littoral transport at La Victoria Beach, Cádiz, Spain
Se evaluo la evolucion de Playa de la Victoria, localizada en la provincia de Cadiz (Espana), para el periodo de febrero a octubre de 2004, comparando dos secciones de playa, la seccion norte o FinalExpand
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Decadal to centennial fluctuations in the intensity of the eastern tropical North Pacific oxygen minimum zone during the last 1200 years
Oxygen minimum zones (OMZs), located below highly productive marine regions, are sites of microbially mediated denitrification and biogeochemical cycling that have global significance. The intensityExpand
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Variability of marine biological productivity in the northeastern Pacific over the past millennium
En este trabajo se presentan nuevos datos de un registro de alta resolucion de opalo biogenico (OB), carbono organico (CO) y carbonato de calcio (CaCO3) en la costa occidental de Baja California Sur,Expand
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Calibration of handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) equipment for optimum determination of elemental concentrations in sediment samples.
Handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRFs) represent a more practical, efficient and economic tool to determine the elemental composition of solid inorganic and organic samples thanExpand
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Distribución y abundancia de tanatocenosis de foraminíferos bentónicos submareales en el delta del río Colorado
Los foraminiferos bentonicos son indicadores importantes de las condiciones ambientales costeras y marinas por ser muy sensibles a los cambios que ocurren en su entorno, los cuales se reflejan conExpand
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