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Self-injurious behavior among Greek male prisoners: Prevalence and risk factors
The prevalence of self-injurious behavior (SIB) among Greek male prisoners is particularly high and psychiatric condition, illicit substance use and aggression seem to be the most meaningful risk factors; childhood events seem to act indirectly.
A combination of viewing reaction time and incidental learning task in child molesters, rapists, and control males and females
Materials and methods In order to test this hypothesis, 31 rapists, 27 child molesters, 53 control males and 24 control females, were given in a PC a viewing reaction time task while being distracted
Handedness and Hobby Preference
  • O. Giotakos
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Perceptual and motor skills
  • 1 June 2004
Analysis showed more cultured individuals were much less likely to be strongly right-handed and support evidence that handedness is associated with hobby preference.
Lithium in the Public Water Supply and Suicide Mortality in Greece
The results indicate that there is a tendency for lower suicide rates in the prefectures with high levels of lithium in drinking water, and the addition of small amounts of lithium to the drinking water could provide an effective means to lower the incidence of these conditions in the general population.
Is Time Perspective a Predictor of Anxiety and Perceived Stress? Some Preliminary Results from Greece
In the current studies, we explore the relationship between anxiety / perceived stress and time perspectives. Study 1 tested the relationship between the dimensions of the Zimbardo Time Perspective
Suicidal ideation, substance use, and sense of coherence in Greek male conscripts.
The necessity of the early detection of these high-risk behaviors applying closer monitoring and integrated prevention programs is suggested, as compared with those without a history of substance use.
[Virtual reality therapy in anxiety disorders].
Exposure in virtual reality can solve the problem providing to the patient a large number of stimuli that activate the senses causing the necessary physiological and psychological anxiety reactions, regardless of his willingness or ability to recall in his imagination the traumatic event.
Suicide in Greece: 2001-2011.
Findings suggest an increase in suicide mortality in Greece during the financial crisis and reorientation of the goals of the national mental health system as well as targeted interventions should be applied in high risk individuals in order to prevent or to mitigate the impact of theFinancial crisis in the greek population.
A Negative Association Between Lithium in Drinking Water and the Incidences of Homicides, in Greece
It is suggested that natural lithium level intake may influence impulsiveness, a factor that mediate to the manifestation of both suicidality and aggressiveness.
[Financial crisis and mental health in Greece].
The association between two economic indicators and mental health variables (psychiatric clinic admittance, visits to outpatients' departments and emergency units, suicides, homicides, mortality rates and divorces) was studied to inform intervention programmes dealing with prevention or mitigation of the impact of economic crisis on citizens' mental health.