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The gastric cytoprotective effect of several sesquiterpene lactones.
The aerial part of Artemisia douglasiana, used in folk medicine as a cytoprotective agent against the development of peptic ulcer, was studied, its active principle dehydroleucodine [1] isolated, andExpand
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Effects of elicitor and copper sulfate on grindelic acid production in submerged cultures of Grindelia pulchella
Grindelia pulchella callus and cell suspension cultures were established from seedling leaves. When several phytoregulator supplementations were assayed in solid Murashige and Skoog medium containingExpand
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Diterpenes from Laennecia sophiifolia.
From the aerial parts of Laennecia sophiifolia (Kunth) G.L. Nesom, a neo-clerodane and an acyclic furano diterpene were isolated, along with four known compounds, 2beta-hydroxyhardwickiic acid,Expand
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Study of the cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities of usnic acid and derivatives
The cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities of usnic acid and some derivatives were investigated. Usnic acid and derivatives displayed cytotoxic activity against lymphocyte culture. However, theExpand
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New dammarane triterpenes from the aerial parts of Ibicella lutea grown in Argentina.
Two new dammarane triterpenes have been isolated from the aerial parts of Ibicella lutea, 3-acetyl-24-epi-polacandrin (1) and 1,3-diacetyl-24-epi-polacandrin (2), and were obtained along with theExpand
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Chemical composition of four essential oils from Eupatorium spp: Biological activities toward Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
RESUMEN. „ Se evaluaron las propiedades toxicas y repelentes de los aceites esenciales de cuatro especies del genero Eupatorium (Asteraceae): E. buniifolium Hook. et Arn, E. inulaefolium Kunth, E.Expand
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Structure-activity relationship in the gastric cytoprotective effect of several sesquiterpene lactones.
The structural requirements for the gastric cytoprotective activity of several sesquiterpene lactones are reported. A theoretical-experimental study on the potentially active centers is carried out.Expand
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Here,we report an inhibitory effect of a sesquiterpene lactone dehydroleucodine (DhL) on the growth of Trypanosoma cruzi in culture. At concentrations of the drug between 5 and 10 µg/ml in theExpand
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Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Heliotropium curassavicum
Abstract Heliotropium curassavicum var. argentinum and var. H. curassavicum have been investigated chemically and a new pyrrolizidine alkaloid has been isolated from both. The latter variety alsoExpand
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Anti-ulcerogenic activity of xanthanolide sesquiterpenes from Xanthium cavanillesii in rats.
The preventive effect of natural xanthanolides as well as a series of synthetic derivatives on ulcer formation induced by absolute ethanol in rats was examined. Among the compounds tested, xanthatinExpand
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