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Identification of the Long-Sought Leptin in Chicken and Duck: Expression Pattern of the Highly GC-Rich Avian leptin Fits an Autocrine/Paracrine Rather Than Endocrine Function.
The results point to an autocrine/paracrine mode of action for bird leptin instead of being a circulating hormone as in mammals, resolving a long lasting controversy regarding the existence of leptin genes in these species. Expand
Prevention of muscle fibrosis and improvement in muscle performance in the mdx mouse by halofuginone
It is suggested that via its effect on Smad3 phosphorylation, halofuginone inhibits muscle fibrosis and improves cardiac and skeletal muscle functions in mdx mice. Expand
The effect of inhibition of heat-shock proteins on thiram-induced tibial dyschondroplasia.
In contrast to the anti-angiogenic effect of 17-DMAG observed in mammals, inhibition of Hsp90 activity in the unvascularized TD-affected growth plates resulted in activation of the angiogenic switch and restored normal growth-plate morphology. Expand
Hypoxia, hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha), and heat-shock proteins in tibial dyschondroplasia.
It is demonstrated that the TD growth plate, in contrast to the normal one, is hypoxic, probably because of the lack of vascularization, leading to an increase in the transcription factor HIF-1alpha, causing increases in the levels of Hsp90 and Hsp70. Expand
Inhibition of Transforming Growth Factor &bgr; Signaling by Halofuginone as a Modality for Pancreas Fibrosis Prevention
Halofuginone prevented the increase in acinar cell proliferation and further increased the cerulein-dependent PAP-1 synthesis, which further reduces pancreas fibrosis, and might serve as a novel therapy for pancakes fibrosis. Expand
Expression of Chicken 75‐kDa Gelatinase B‐like Enzyme in Perivascular Chondrocytes Suggests Its Role in Vascularization of the Growth Plate
A newly cloned avian 75‐kDa gelatinase B‐like enzyme is expressed by the cells surrounding the blood vessels of the growth plate and upregulated by angiogenic substances in cultured chondrocytes.Expand
Hsp90 and angiogenesis in bone disorders--lessons from the avian growth plate.
This is the first reported demonstration of involvement of Hsp90 in chondrocyte differentiation and growth-plate vascularization in avian bone disorders. Expand
Effect of temperature during the incubation period on tibial growth plate chondrocyte differentiation and the incidence of tibial dyschondroplasia.
The early stages of embryo development and bone formation are of utmost importantance for appropriate growth plate chondrocyte differentiation, and any temperature deviation will increase the subsequent incidence of TD. Expand
Myofibroblasts in pulmonary and brain metastases of alveolar soft-part sarcoma: a novel target for treatment?
Halofuginone, an inhibitor of myofibroblasts' activation and Smad3 phosphorylation, inhibited tumor development in xenografts derived from renal carcinoma cells harboring a reciprocal ASPL-TFE3 fusion transcript, suggesting that the myofiginone may serve as a novel target for treatment of ASPS metastases. Expand
Localized LoxL3-Dependent Fibronectin Oxidation Regulates Myofiber Stretch and Integrin-Mediated Adhesion.
It is shown that lysyl oxidase-like 3 (LoxL3) is a key regulator of integrin signaling that ensures localized control of the cascade, enabling enhanced integrin activation at the tips of myofibers and ensuring correct positioning and anchoring of my ofibers along the MTJ. Expand