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Towards a Theory of Open Innovation: Three Core Process Archetypes
Open Innovation is a phenomenon that has become increasingly important for both practice and theory over the last few years. The reasons are to be found in shorter innovation cycles, industrialExpand
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Open R&D and open innovation: exploring the phenomenon
There is currently a broad awareness of open innovation and its relevance to corporate R&D. The implications and trends that underpin open innovation are actively discussed in terms of strategic,Expand
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Opening Up the Innovation Process: Towards an Agenda
The author reflects on the trends and streams of open innovation. Various perspectives of opening up the innovation process includes: globalization of innovation, early supplier integration, userExpand
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The Future of Open Innovation
Institutional openness is becoming increasingly popular in practice and academia: open innovation, open R&D and open business models. Our special issue builds on the concepts, underlying assumptionsExpand
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The Past and the Future of International Entrepreneurship: A Review and Suggestions for Developing the Field
In this article, the authors analyze the field of international entrepreneurship (IE), which is in desperate need of further theory development. They study the field of IE since its inception byExpand
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Market versus technology drive in R&D internationalization: four different patterns of managing research and development
Research and development are subject to different location drivers. The analysis of 1021 R&D units, each distinguished by its main orientation towards either research or development work, revealsExpand
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The 4I-framework of business model innovation: a structured view on process phases and challenges
Business model innovation has received rising attention as a means for firms to achieve superior performance. Yet, as we argue based on a review of related literature, the research field so far lacksExpand
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Determinants and Archetype Users of Open Innovation
Extant research on open innovation (OI) offers no systematic insight of how and why firms differ regarding the extent to which they conduct OI activities. Whereas past theoretical contributions haveExpand
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The Business Model Navigator: 55 Models That Will Revolutionise Your Business
A strong business model is the bedrock to business success. But all too often we fail to adapt, clinging to outdated models that are no longer delivering the results we need. The brains behind TheExpand
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Designing Business Models in the Era of Internet of Things - Towards a Reference Framework
The increasing pervasiveness of digital technologies, also refered to as "Internet of Things" (IoT), offers a wealth of business model opportunities, which often involve an ecosystem of partners. Expand
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