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Iron-catalysed carbon-heteroatom and heteroatom-heteroatom bond forming processes.
This tutorial review summarises recent progress in the development of novel and practical iron-catalysed reactions with a particular focus on those which provide access to new carbon-heteroatom and heteroatom-heteroa linkages.
Highly Enantioselective Nucleophilic Dearomatization of Pyridines by Anion-Binding Catalysis.
The first anion-binding-catalyzed, highly enantioselective nucleophilic dearomatization of pyridines with triazole-based H-bond donor catalysts is presented and offers a straightforward and useful synthetic approach to chiral N-heterocycles from abundant and readily available pyrdines.
Catalyzed selective direct α- and γ-alkylation of aldehydes with cyclic benzyl ethers by using T(+)BF4- in the presence of an inexpensive organic acid or anhydride.
The cross dehydrogenative coupling of cyclic benzyl ethers with aliphatic and α,β-unsaturated aldehydes has been developed and led preferentially to the more challenging γ-alkylated products.
TEMPO oxoammonium salt-mediated dehydrogenative Povarov/oxidation tandem reaction of N-alkyl anilines.
The synthesis of a variety of substituted quinolines from N-alkyl anilines by a one-pot dehydrogenative Povarov/oxidation tandem reaction with mono- and 1,2-disubstituted aryl and alkyl olefins was
Chiral Triazoles in Anion-Binding Catalysis: New Entry to Enantioselective Reissert-Type Reactions.
The organocatalyzed enantioselective Reissert-type dearomatization of isoquinoline derivatives employing a number of structurally diverse chiral triazoles as anion-binding catalysts was realized and was employed to synthesize a numberof chiral 1,2-dihydroisoquinoline substrates with an enantiOSElectivity up to 86:14 e.r.
Iron-catalyzed oxidative tandem reactions with TEMPO oxoammonium salts: synthesis of dihydroquinazolines and quinolines.
A straightforward iron-catalyzed divergent oxidative tandem synthesis of dihydroquinazolines and quinolines from N-alkylanilines using a TEMPO oxoammonium salt as a mild and nontoxic oxidant has been
Triazole-Based Anion-Binding Catalysis for the Enantioselective Dearomatization of N-Heteroarenes with Phosphorus Nucleophiles.
The first enantioselective synthesis of chiral heterocyclic α-amino phosphonates by nucleophilic dearomatization of quinolines and pyridines using an anion-binding organocatalysis approach is described, which allows for rapid access to substituted chiral cyclic α -aminoosphonates, which can be easily transformed into phosphonic acid derivatives.
Mild metal-free tandem α-alkylation/cyclization of N-benzyl carbamates with simple olefins.
Easy does it! The chemoselective oxidative α-C(sp(3))-H alkylation/cyclization reaction of N-benzyl carbamates using simple mono-, di-, and trisubstituted olefins provides functionalized
Helical Multi‐Coordination Anion‐Binding Catalysts for the Highly Enantioselective Dearomatization of Pyrylium Derivatives
Experimental and theoretical studies provide new insights into the hydrogen‐donor ability and key binding interactions of the TetraTri catalysts and its host:guest complexes, suggesting the formation of a 1:3 species.