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The structure of tingenone, a quinonoid triterpene related to pristimerin.
Tingenone, an unusual new quinonoid triterpene related to celastrol and pristimerin, has been isolated from various plants of the Celastraceae and Hippocrateaceae families. It has been shown to beExpand
Desaminoanthracyclines from the antibiotic complex ciclamycin.
[Antimicrobial substances of superior plants. 44. Isolation of diterpene acid from Croton aff. argyrophylloides Muell arg. (Euphorbiaceae)].
In this paper the authors present the first report concerning the biological effects of a diterpene isolated from Croton aff. argyrophylloides Muell. Arg (Euphorbiaceae). Some biological andExpand
[O and C prenylated chalcones with antineoplastic and antibiotic activities isolated from Lonchocarpus neuroscapha Benth].
In the course of our program on the antimicrobial and antineoplastic substances from higher plants we have studied many flavonoid compounds isolated from root back of Lonchocarpus neuroscapha Benth.Expand
[Antimicrobial substances of superior plants. 45. Primary observations of 2 new quinoids isolated from Hyptis fructicosa Salzm ex Benth(Labiatae)].
The authors present the first observations on the isolation of two quinonoid compounds from Hyptis fructicosa Salzm ex Benth; Labiatae. The referred naturally compounds present antimicrobial andExpand