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Specific perception of the problem of tuberculosis by physicians from primary medical care
The objective: to study the perception of the problem of tuberculosis in physicians working in primary medical care and enhance motivation to implement tuberculosis control activities.Subjects and
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection and the development of laryngeal stenosis in children — is there a relationship?
The aim is to study the relationship of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and the development of laryngeal stenosis (croup) in children. 250 children with croup aged from 6 months to 8 years were
[Use of isofon in combined treatment of patients with acutely progressive forms of tuberculosis].
The drug proved to be effective in patients who isolated drug-resistant Mycobacteria tuberculosis, including those to a combination of isoniazide and rifampicin, and when used in patients with significant immunodeficiency, isofon provided an immunomodulating effect.
[Some specific features of drug resistance of Mycobacteria tuberculosis in patients with acutely progressive destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis].
The findings indicate that it is possible to use significant immunodeficiency as an early marker of the multidrug resistance of MBT and as a predictor of cheesy pneumonia.
[Pathogenetic therapy for caseous pneumonia].
The use of a programme for stepwise pathogenetic therapy for caseous pneumonia by taking into account the identified variants decreased the number of fatal outcomes by 2.8 times in the study group of patients as compared with this parameter in the control group.
[Antituberculosis properties of methyldioxotetrahydropyrimidine sulfonisonicotinoyl hydrazide].
The study showed that MSH was efficient in complex therapy of tuberculosis patients allow for increased number of cases with drug resistant tuberculosis.
[Extracorporeal antiaggregant pharmacotherapy in the treatment of acutely progressive forms of tuberculosis].
Few observations lead to a preliminary conclusion that this method positively affects the results of treatment for acutely progressive forms of tuberculosis, including those of Treatment for caseous pneumonia.
[Extracorporeal immunopharmacological therapy in the treatment of patients with acutely progressing froms of pulmonary tuberculosis].
Investigations showed that this method sped up the regression of clinical and X-ray signs, during 1 to 2 months, and recovered the immune reactivity in 89% of patients, andvantages include a shorter time needed to arrest the endotoxicosis, a fuller and faster recovery of the main populations and sub-populations of lymphocytes and a less number of fatal outcomes.
Croup syndrome and primary infection with mycobacterium tuberculosis in children
It was found that children with primary and recurrent croup are often infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis at the age of 5 years, which allows them to be classified as at risk of tuberculosis infection and Chemoprophylaxis and TB therapy can reduce the risk of developing recurrent croups syndrome in 82% of patients.