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Distributed construction of connected dominating set in wireless ad hoc networks
We present our own distributed algorithm that always outputs a nontrivial CDS. Expand
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New distributed algorithm for connected dominating set in wireless ad hoc networks
We establish a (n logn) lower bound on message complexity of any distributed algorithm for nontrivial CDS and present an algorithm that outperforms the existing algorithms. Expand
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Message-optimal connected dominating sets in mobile ad hoc networks
A connected dominating set (CDS) for a graph G(V,E) is a subset V1 of V, such that each node in V--V1 is adjacent to some nodes in V1, and V1 induces a connected subgraph. Expand
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Collection statistics for fast duplicate document detection
We present a new algorithm for duplicate document detection thatuses collection statistics that scales in terms of the number of documents andworks well for documents of all sizes. Expand
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Information retrieval - algorithms and heuristics
  • D. Grossman, O. Frieder
  • Computer Science
  • The Kluwer international series in engineering…
  • 30 September 1998
List of Figures. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Retrieval Strategies. 3. Retrieval Utilities. 4. Efficiency Issues pertaining to Sequential IR Systems. 5. Integrating Structured Data and Text. 6.Expand
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Efficient interference-aware TDMA link scheduling for static wireless networks
We study efficient link scheduling for a multihop wireless network to maximize its throughput. Expand
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Minimum-energy broadcast routing in static ad hoc wireless networks
We prove that minimum-energy broadcast routing can be solved in polynomial time, despite the NP-hardness of its general graph version. Expand
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Distributed heuristics for connected dominating sets in wireless ad hoc networks
A connected dominating set (CDS) for a graph G(V, E) is a subset V' of V, such that each node in V is adjacent to some node in E, and V' induces a connected subgraph. Expand
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On arabic search: improving the retrieval effectiveness via a light stemming approach
The inflectional structure of a word impacts the retrieval accuracy of information retrieval systems of Latin-based languages. Expand
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Hourly analysis of a very large topically categorized web query log
We review a query log of hundreds of millions of queries that constitute the total query traffic for an entire week of a general-purpose commercial web search service. Expand
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