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Absorption and passage of fat- and water-soluble thiamin derivatives into erythrocytes and cerebrospinal fluid of man.
Oral administration of the lipid-soluble allithiamins, thiamin propyl disulfide and thiamin tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide, caused a significant increase in thiamin activity in whole blood, red bloodExpand
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Medicines can affect thermoregulation and accentuate the risk of dehydration and heat‐related illness during hot weather
Hot days are increasingly common and are often associated with increased morbidity and mortality, especially in the elderly. Most heat‐related illness and heat‐related deaths are preventable.
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Absorption, utilization and clinical effectiveness of allithiamines compared to water-soluble thiamines.
  • H. Baker, O. Frank
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology
  • 1 August 1976
Oral administration of lipid-soluble allithiamines [thiamine propyl disulfide (TPD) and thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide (TTHF)] rapidly increased thiamine activity in whole blood, red bloodExpand
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Growth of Tetrahymena in carbohydate-free high-glutamate media.
SYNOPSIS. In chemically defined media, pH 6.4–6.8, supplementation with glycerol permitted growth equal to that with a carbohydrate supplement. In a pH 5.4 medium described in detail, containingExpand
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Cryoprotectants for Crithidia fasciculata stored at -20 C, with notes on Trypanosoma gambiense and T. conorhini.
SYNOPSIS. Cryoprotectants were tested in both complex and semidefined media for the trypanosomatid Crithidia fasciculata. Near log-phase or end-of-log-phase cultures were frozen for 24–48 hr at ∼ -20Expand
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A nutritional epidemiologic investigation of 642 New York City children.
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Assay of unconjugated pteridines in biological fluids and tissues with Crithidia.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the assay of unconjugated pteridines in biological fluids and tissues with Crithidia . The active unconjugated pteridines are biopterin, di- andExpand
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Effect of short- and long-term diabetes on carnitine and myo-inositol in rats.
1. The effect of short- (2 wk) and long-term (20 wk) streptozotocin diabetes was studied on urine, blood, liver, heart, brain, skeletal muscle, pancreas and kidney concentrations of acid-solubleExpand
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Protection of Pyridoxal 5′-Phosphate against Toxicity of Acetaldehyde to Hepatocytes
Abstract Methods were evaluated for annulling the cytotoxicity of acetaldehyde (AcH) for isolated autologous liver cells, obtained by percutaneous liver biopsy, from cases of alcoholic hepatitis.Expand
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Antagonists of growth inhibition of Crithidia by allopurinol, a guanine analog.
SYNOPSIS. Allopurinol, 4-hydroxypyrazolo[3,4-d] pyrimidine, a relatively non-toxic xanthine-oxidase inhibitor used to treat gout, inhibited growth (ID0–90 1.0 μg/ml) of the trypanosomatid flagellateExpand
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