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On the origin of anomalous birefringence in grandite garnets
Abstract The origin of anomalous birefringence of grossular-andradite (grandite) garnets from skarns in Mali and Russia was considered. The crystals had complex optical patterns which can be inducedExpand
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Crystal structure of calcium-deficient carbonated hydroxyapatite. Thermal decomposition
Abstract Full Rietveld refinement of the crystal structure of the synthetic calcium-deficient carbonated apatite Ca1 3.40 [Ca2 5.90 (NH 4 ) 0.10 ][(PO 4 ) 4.95 (CO 3 ) 1.05 (H 2 O) 0.30 ][(OH) 1.65Expand
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New Data on the Crystal Structures of Colusites and Arsenosulvanites
AbstractThe crystal structures of three minerals (arsenosulvanite, V,As-germanite, and colusite) of the general crystal chemical formula $$Cu_{2 - x}^M V_2^M Cu_{26 - y} $$ (As, Ge, Sn, Sb, V)6S32,Expand
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Symmetry and crystal structure of biaxial elbaite-liddicoatite tourmaline from the Transbaikalia region, Russia
Abstract Optical anomalies and crystal structures have been studied for an elbaite-liddicoatite tourmaline specimen from the Malkhan pegmatite field (Transbaikalia region, Russia). The specimen isExpand
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Precision x-ray data on the electronic structure of fluorite
Two precision x-ray diffraction-data sets obtained on different instruments have been used to examine the details in the electron-density distribution for a natural fluorite crystal whose totalExpand
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Synthesis and Characterization of (Ca,Sr)[C2O4]∙nH2O Solid Solutions: Variations of Phase Composition, Crystal Morphologies and in Ionic Substitutions
To study strontium (Sr) incorporation into calcium oxalates (weddellite and whewellite), calcium-strontium oxalate solid solutions (Ca,Sr)[C2O4]∙nH2O (n = 1, 2) are synthesized and studied by aExpand
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Synthesis, Characterization, and Morphogenesis of Carbonated Fluorapatite-Gelatine Nanocomposites: A Complex Biomimetic Approach toward the Mineralization of Hard Tissues
Carbonated fluorapatite-gelatine nanocomposites were grown by the double-diffusion technique within a gelatine gel. The carbonate content was varied, whereas all other experimental parameters (Ca 2+Expand
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The influence of amino acids on the formation of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite
The influence of amino acids on the formation of particles of synthetic analogs of hydroxyapatites of renal calculi with different degrees of nonstoichiometry is investigated. It is demonstrated thatExpand
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Crystallization of calcium oxalate hydrates by interaction of calcite marble with fungus Aspergillus niger
Abstract The crystallization of calcium oxalates (weddellite and whewellite) by interaction of calcite marble with fungus Aspergillus niger, one of the most active stone destructors, was studiedExpand
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