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Uncertainty of absolute gravity measurements
[1] A total of 96 absolute gravity (AG) measurements at the Membach station and 221 at the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL) is analyzed for noise content. The lengths of the series were aroundExpand
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Accuracy assessment of recent ocean tide models
Over 20 global ocean tide models have been developed since 1994, primarily as a consequence of analysis of the precise altimetric measurements from TOPEX/POSEIDON and as a result of parallelExpand
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Bedrock displacements in Greenland manifest ice mass variations, climate cycles and climate change
The Greenland GPS Network (GNET) uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to measure the displacement of bedrock exposed near the margins of the Greenland ice sheet. The entire network is upliftingExpand
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Global charts of ocean tide loading effects
Global ocean tide loading charts of the radial displacement, the potential divided by g (gravity acceleration), and the gravity effect have been computed using the 11 constituents M2, S2, N2, K2, K1,Expand
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Calibration of the C021 Superconducting Gravimeter in Membach (Belgium) Using 47 Days of Absolute Gravity Measurements
Continuous measurements with the FG5-202 absolute gravity meter were made at Membach side by side with the C021 superconducting gravimeter. One disposes of 47 days of exactly simultaneousExpand
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Set standard deviation, repeatability and offset of absolute gravimeter A10-008
The set standard deviation, repeatability and offset of absolute gravimeter A10-008 were assessed at the Walferdange Underground Laboratory for Geodynamics (WULG) in Luxembourg. Analysis of the dataExpand
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A geophysical interpretation of the secular displacement and gravity rates observed at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard in the Arctic—effects of post-glacial rebound and present-day ice melting
SUMMARY We have analysed the Ny-Alesund very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) data over the period 1994 August to 2004 May, and we obtain secular displacement rates relative to a NNR-NUVEL-1AExpand
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Accurate transfer function determination for superconducting gravimeters
The transfer function for the cryogenic gravimeter GWR-C021 operating at Membach (Belgium) has been experimentally determined by injecting known voltages into the control electronics of the system.Expand
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Calibration of a superconducting gravimeter by comparison with an absolute gravimeter FG5 in Boulder
This paper reports the results of a calibration of a superconducting gravimeter using simultaneous measurements of Earth tides with an absolute gravimeter. Nine consecutive days of observations wereExpand
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GPS measurements of vertical crustal motion in Greenland
We have analyzed 5 years of continuous Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements taken at Kellyville, just off the western margin of the ice sheet in southern Greenland. A fit to the verticalExpand
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