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Fauna Sinica Insecta, Vol. 51. Megaloptera
Studies of Neotropical Caddisflies, XXXIII: New Species from Austral South America (Trichoptera)
One hundred ten new species and one new genus of caddisflies from southern South America are described and figured and a key to all the known families of South American Trichoptera is presented. Expand
The Odonata of Canada and Alaska
The taxonomy, phenology, and faunistics of the Trichoptera of Antioquia, Colombia
Oliver S. Flint, Jr. Studies of Neotropical Caddisflies, XLV: The Taxonomy, Phenology, and Faunistics of the Trichoptera of Antioquia, Colombia. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, number 520, 113Expand
Nomenclatural and systematic changes in the Neotropical caddisflies ( Insecta: Trichoptera)
Recent work on a catalog of the Neotropical caddisflies has resulted in the recognition of the need to make numerous lectotype designations, new names for homonyms, specific and generic synonymies,Expand
A taxonomic revision of the subgenus Curgia of the genus Chimarra (Trichoptera: Philopotamidae)
The genus Chimarra, subgenus Curgia Walker, is revised, resulting in 92 species being recognized, of which 52 are described as new, and two species are resurrected from the synonymy of mexicana (Banks). Expand
The Genus Brachycentrus in North America, with a Proposed Phylogeny of the Genera of Brachycentridae (Trichoptera)
The North American species of the genus Brachycentrus are revised on the basis of adult males and larvae and a proposed phytogeny of the eenera of BrachyCentridae (Trichoptera) is proposed. Expand