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A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924
The Russian Revolution seized a backward, violent, peasant country and turned it into the world's first 'worker's state'. The cost in blood and misery is now known, but no fully modern narrative ofExpand
A people's tragedy : a history of the Russian Revolution
terms. But it could often result in the sort of muddled thinking that made people call the peasants 'dark'. In The Criminal for example, Chekhov tells the true story of a peasant who was brought toExpand
Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia
European Russia children of 1812 Moscow! Moscow! the peasant marriage in search of the Russian soul descendants of Genghiz Khan Russia through the Soviet lens Russia abroad.
The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia
Drawing on a huge range of sources - letters, memoirs, conversations - Orlando Figes tells the story of how Russians tried to endure life under Stalin, brilliantly conveying the reality of theirExpand
Peasant Russia Civil War: The Volga Countryside in Revolution 1917-21
  • O. Figes
  • Political Science, History
  • 1 August 1990
Part I The emergence of peasant autonomy: the end of the Old Regime peasant assemlies the Jacquery and its organization the establishment of the "Volost" Soviets. Part 2 Six months of peasant rule:Expand
Stalin's ghost: the legacies of Soviet history and the future of Russia
Book synopsis: Orlando Figes (1959) wrote, inter alia, a standard work on the Russian Revolution, A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924. . In his most recent work, The Whisperers:Expand
The Truth About Shostakovich