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Metabolomics – the link between genotypes and phenotypes
  • O. Fiehn
  • Biology, Medicine
    Plant Molecular Biology
  • 2004
In this review, the differences among metabolite target analysis, metabolite profiling, and metabolic fingerprinting are clarified, and terms are defined.
Metabolite profiling for plant functional genomics
The use of metabolite profiling is described as a new tool for a comparative display of gene function and has the potential not only to provide deeper insight into complex regulatory processes but also to determine phenotype directly.
Proposed minimum reporting standards for chemical analysis
This article proposes the minimum reporting standards related to the chemical analysis aspects of metabolomics experiments including: sample preparation, experimental analysis, quality control, metabolite identification, and data pre-processing.
A prominent role for the CBF cold response pathway in configuring the low-temperature metabolome of Arabidopsis.
The results indicate that the metabolome of Arabidopsis is extensively reconfigured in response to low temperature, and that the CBF cold response pathway has a prominent role in this process.
Seven Golden Rules for heuristic filtering of molecular formulas obtained by accurate mass spectrometry
  • T. Kind, O. Fiehn
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    BMC Bioinformatics
  • 27 March 2007
Seven heuristic rules enable an automatic exclusion of molecular formulas which are either wrong or which contain unlikely high or low number of elements.
Metabolic profiling allows comprehensive phenotyping of genetically or environmentally modified plant systems.
The use of metabolic profiling in conjunction with data-mining tools as a technique for the comprehensive characterization of a plant genotype is demonstrated.
MS-DIAL: Data Independent MS/MS Deconvolution for Comprehensive Metabolome Analysis
For a reversed-phase LC-MS/MS analysis of nine algal strains, MS-DIAL using an enriched LipidBlast library identified 1,023 lipid compounds, highlighting the chemotaxonomic relationships between theAlgal strains.
Identification of uncommon plant metabolites based on calculation of elemental compositions using gas chromatography and quadrupole mass spectrometry.
More than 15 uncommon plant metabolites were identified, some of which are novel in Arabidopsis, such as tartronate semialdehyde, citramalic acid, allothreonine, or glycolic amide.
The metabolic signature related to high plant growth rate in Arabidopsis thaliana
The demonstrated high predictive power of metabolic composition for biomass features this composite measure as an excellent biomarker and opens new opportunities to enhance plant breeding specifically in the context of renewable resources.
FiehnLib: mass spectral and retention index libraries for metabolomics based on quadrupole and time-of-flight gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.
The FiehnLib libraries can be used in conjunction with GC/MS software but also support compound identification in the public BinBase metabolomic database that currently comprises 5598 unique mass spectra generated from 19,032 samples covering 279 studies of 47 species.