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Phenology and Dynamics of Root Growth of Three Cool Semi-Desert Shrubs Under Field Conditions
Many cool arid land shrub species exhibit much higher root/shoot biomass ratios than many warm desert shrubs even though mean potential evaporation/precipitation ratios are usually less severe in
Arid and semi-arid rangelands : two thirds of Argentina
Argentina is 3 million km, with altitudes ranging from 7000 m in the Andes in the west to sea level in the east. Therefore, the diversity in vertical and horizontal biogeographical regions is of
Effects of Cyprinus carpio on Potamogeton pectinatus in experimental culture: the incidence of the periphyton.
It can be concluded that, in muddy conditions, small carp affected plant growth by shade stress, which is achieved by a combination of increase in turbidity and the developing of a leaf periphytic cover.
Production and nitrogen cycling in an ecosystem of Eragrostis curvula in semiarid Argentina. I. Plant biomass and productivity
On a etudie les modifications saisonnieres de la biomasse et de la productivite epigees et hypogees d'Eragrostis curvula (Schrad.) Nees, une importante graminee perenne poussant par touffes dans les
Arid and Semiarid Rangelands of Argentina
Two thirds of continental Argentina are arid and semiarid rangelands. These rangelands include five phytogeographic regions: (1) Puna, (2) Chaco Occidental, (3) Monte, (4) Caldenal, and (5)
The invasive species most represented at local, regional or state scale studies were Acroptilon repens, Centaurea solstitialis, Eleagnus angustifolia, Medicago minima, Chondrilla juncea, Dipsacus sativus and Sorghum halepense.
The challenge of rangeland degradation in a temperate semiarid region of Argentina: The Caldenal
This work provides a comprehensive assessment of the impact of major stresses (drought, herbivory, fire, fire) on grass and shrub responses, as well as more basic studies on the ecophysiology of these species.
Production and nitrogen cycling in an ecosystem of Eragrostis curvula in semiarid Argentina. II. Nitrogen content and transfers
Les composantes majeures du cycle de l'azote ont ete etudiees dans un ecosysteme a Eragrostis curvula (Schrad.) Nees, une legumineuse fourragere exploitee extensivement en region semi-aride