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Neuronal plasticity induced by neonatal monocular (and binocular) enucleation
In ME rats the learning of visual tasks requires both hemispheres, but relearning is still possible after extirpation of the contralateral one, because of the higher survival of (mainly ipsilaterally projecting) ganglion cells. Expand
Neonatal monocular enucleation-induced cross-modal effects observed in the cortex of adult rat
Electrophysiological and autoradiographic studies unambiguously proved that early enucleation exerted a significant cross-modal effect on the somatosensory responsive area. Expand
Synaptic facilitation requires paired activation of convergent pathways in the neocortex
It is reported that various regimes with joint stimulations of convergent excitatory pathways on to intracellularly recorded neurones in the motor cortex of the cat result in synaptic facilitation lasting for up to 30 min. Expand
γ-aminobutyric acid enables synaptogenesis in the intact superior cervical ganglion of the adult rat
Local gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) application into the intact superior cervical ganglion (SCG) of the adult rat allows active innervation of a surgically implanted hypoglossal nerve in addition toExpand
Modified distribution patterns of responses in rat visual cortex induced by monocular enucleation
It was found that monocular enucleation changed the distribution of visually evoked responses in rats, and caused an expansion of the somatosensory responses into the visual area. Expand
The effect of pentylenetetrazol on the metacerebral neuron of Helix pomatia.
PTZ effects on ionic conductances, on membrane parameters, on the resting potential and ionic currents explain only modifications of spike potentials occurring in the Convulsive state and do not account for the PDS, the central phenomenon of the convulsive electrographic activity, at least in this thoroughly examined type of neuron. Expand
Conditioned changes of synaptic transmission in the motor cortex of the cat
It is assumed that synchronous activity of the pre- and postsynaptic neurons is a highly important condition for plastic changes in the efficacy of synaptic transmission. Expand
Intracellular studies on cortical synaptic plasticity
It is indicated that the plastic changes in synaptic transmission may be localized to the postsynaptic membrane of the conditioned PT cells. Expand
[Role of cholinesterase in the process of ganglionic excitation transference].
  • O. Fehér, E. Bokri
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Pflugers Archiv fur die gesamte Physiologie des…
  • 1959
1. Die Wirkung supermaximaler praganglionarer Reize wird von TEPP in der Konzentration 10−6 M nicht modifiziert, in den Konzentrationen 10−5 bis 10−4 M masig deprimiert. Bei submaximalen Reizen zeigtExpand
Induction and maintenance of free postsynaptic membrane thickenings in the adult superior cervical ganglion
It is suggested that, in the course of depressed ganglionic activity, so-called free postsynaptic membrane thickenings are generated and maintained in the SCG of adult rats even in the absence of significant axonal degeneration. Expand