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Event Processing in Action
Unlike traditional information systems which work by issuing requests and waiting for responses, event-driven systems are designed to process events as they occur, allowing the system to observe,Expand
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Amit - the situation manager
Abstract.This paper presents the “situation manager”, a tool that includes both a language and an efficient runtime execution mechanism aimed at reducing the complexity of active applications. ThisExpand
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A basic model for proactive event-driven computing
During the movie "Source Code" there is a shift in the plot; from (initially) reacting to a train explosion that already occurred and trying to eliminate further explosions, to (later) changing theExpand
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Event-processing network model and implementation
This paper presents a conceptual model of an event-processing network for expressing the event-based interactions and event-processing specifications among components. The model is based onExpand
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Complex event processing over uncertain data
In recent years, there has been a growing need for active systems that can react automatically to events. Some events are generated externally and deliver data across distributed systems, whileExpand
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Correlation Clustering
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e-CLV: A Modeling Approach for Customer Lifetime Evaluation in e-Commerce Domains, with an Application and Case Study for Online Auction
Abstracte-Commerce companies acknowledge that customers are their most important asset and that it is imperative to estimate the potential value of this asset.In conventional marketing, one of theExpand
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Pattern rewriting framework for event processing optimization
A growing segment of event-based applications require both strict performance goals and support in the processing of complex event patterns. Event processing patterns have multiple complexityExpand
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The Situation Manager Component of Amit - Active Middleware Technology
Reactive applications are applications that include a substantial processing that is triggered by events. This paper describes an application development tool that resolves a major problem in thisExpand
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Connectionist Model
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