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Oil Pollution and Water Quality in the Niger Delta: Implications for the Sustainability of the Mangrove Ecosystem
Water pollution from crude oil spills in the mangrove ecosystem was investigated employing water samples obtained from three different locations in the Niger Delta. Focused group discussions wereExpand
In vitro assessment of antioxidant, phytochemical and nutritional properties of extracts from the leaves of Ocimum gratissimum (Linn).
The antioxidant, phytochemical and nutritional properties of acetone, methanol and aqueous extracts of the leaves of Ocimum gratissimum (Linn) were investigated to evaluate the therapeutic andExpand
Oil activities, unsustainable environment and the combative reactionism of women in the Niger Delta
The Niger Delta is made up mainly of rural communities with the majority of the people depending mostly on fishing and farming for their livelihoods. The traditional division of labour gives theExpand
Preliminary Results of Effect of Four Stimulants on the Latex Flow Rate in Hevea brasiliensis after Tapping
Authors’ contributions This work was carried out in collaboration between all authors. Author OAE designed the study, carried out the analyses and wrote the first draft. Authors OAE, EOU, FUO, AMDU,Expand
Oil Activities, the Environment and Health Insecurity Concerns in the Niger Delta
Since 1956 the Niger Delta has been Nigeria‟s oil production enclave and is now synonymous with oil. The search for oil in Nigeria started in 1937 but was abandoned during the period of the SecondExpand
Elites Predation and Insecurity: A Perspective on the Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria
The post-colonial Nigerian state imbibed the gory traits of the colonial state; it served mostly as a tool for economic exploitation. The emergent elites saw governance solely, as a means forExpand
Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases on Hevea Brasiliensis (Natural Rubber)
In this paper, we present an efficient method of mathematical modelling for the infectious diseases on Natural Rubber using the Kermack and Mckendrick formulated SIR (SUSCEPTIBLE-INFECTIVE-RECOVERED)Expand