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Detection of new MHC mutations in mice by skin grafting, tumor transplantation and monoclonal antibodies: a comparison.
Two mechanisms of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) mutations have been described in mice; gene conversion and homologous but unequal recombination. However, our knowledge of mutations in MHC isExpand
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Screening mouse mutations for resistance to cancer metastasis
To research for host genes for resistance/susceptibility to cancer metastasis, mutation analysis was employed. Ten putative mutants of resistance to lymphoma EL4 and four putative mutants ofExpand
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Mouse mutants affecting growth and metastasis of a syngeneic tumor.
Tumor-specific antigens (TSA) are antigens peculiar to the tumor cells. In theory, TSA can be effectively recognized and reacted against by the host or can be used as targets for an effectiveExpand
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H-2bm23 a new Kbmutant similar to, but not identical with H-2bm3
The H-2 bin23 (bm23) mutant was found in one male and three females in the progeny of a C57BL/10SnEg (B 10) female which is H-2 b outcrossed with an ethylnitrosourea (ENU)-treated B10.D2/nSnEg maleExpand
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Possible role of Abb gene in mouse resistance to EL4 metastases
Abstract“S” (survivor) mutants were produced in mice for genetic analysis of host resistance to metastatic cancer. S-mutants S-27 and S-31 resist transplantation of lymphoma EL4 of parental C57BL/6JExpand
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[Oxygen-restorative processes in patients with uterine cancer].
[Pathogenesis of fetal asphyxia in late toxicoses of pregnancy].