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A fifteenth-century fencing tournament in Strasburg
Abstract An undated paper from the archives of Strasburg contains a set of rules approved by fencing masters for a fencing tournament. The dating of this document is uncertain but could beExpand
Coordination compounds as precursors for laser deposition of nickel-based conducting films
Coordination compounds of nickel(II) are used as precursors for the formation of nickel and nickel oxide deposits on alumina substrates by direct laser writing using an argon ion laser. The startingExpand
Selective Metallization of Non-Conductor Substrates by Ink-Jet Printing
Selective metallization of non-conductors is desirable for electronic as well as decorative applications. In this paper, we describe a new method for direct writing of metallization patterns byExpand
The French staff material from Johann Georg Pasch
Abstract Johann Georg Pasch was a very prolific author who published a large number of books during the third quarter of the seventeenth century. Some of these included physical exercises with a longExpand
A new manuscript of Joachim Meyer (1561)
The manuscript of Joachim Meyer dated 1561 kept in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich, was ignored by specialised bibliographical works on fencing and absent of the secondary literature aboutExpand
Le Jeu de la Hache: A Critical edition and dating discussion
Abstract Twenty-six years after the first edition and translation by Sydney Anglo in 1991 of the anonymous manuscript Le Jeu de la hache , many elements can still be significantly improved. ThisExpand
Laser-induced Prenucleation and Or Metallization of Alumina Substrates By a New Palladium Resin
The prenucleation or metallization of rough and porous alumina ceramic surfaces is induced by the laser irradiation of a new palladium resin. This new resin is formed from a homogeneous and stableExpand
The Roots of Fencing from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Centuries in the French Language Area
Abstract This article offers a partial overview on fencing, as recognized through archive records, as well as French epics and romances from the twelfth to the early fourteenth century. In theExpand