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Emergence of macroscopic directed motion in populations of motile colloids
It is reported that dilute populations of millions of colloidal rolling particles self-organize to achieve coherent motion in a unique direction, with very few density and velocity fluctuations, in the polar-liquid state.
Stability and turbulent transport in Taylor-Couette flow from analysis of experimental data
This paper provides a prescription for the turbulent viscosity in rotating shear flows for use e.g. in geophysical and astrophysical contexts. This prescription is the result of the detailed analysis
Large-scale finite-wavelength modulation within turbulent shear flows.
We show that turbulent "spirals" and "spots" observed in Taylor-Couette and plane Couette flow correspond to a turbulence-intensity modulated finite-wavelength pattern which in every respect fits the
Discontinuous transition to spatiotemporal intermittency in plane Couette flow
The plane Couette flow undergoes a globally sub-critical transition to turbulence. Turbulent spots generated by localized finite-amplitude perturbations evolve differently depending on the Reynolds
Experimental evidence of streamwise vortices as finite amplitude solutions in transitional plane Couette flow
Elongated streamwise structures are considered as a key element of the transition to turbulence in various wall flows. In pure plane Couette flow (pCf), longitudinal streaks originating from pairs of
Finite amplitude perturbation and spots growth mechanism in plane Couette flow
The plane Couette flow, a shear flow linearly stable for all values of the Reynolds number, is experimentally studied. A finite amplitude perturbation, local in time and space, is created in order to
Local Versus Global Concepts in Hydrodynamic Stability Theory
Linear and nonlinear issues in the problem of the subcritical transition to turbu- lence are examined on the basis of a full phase-space analysis of a simplified model that mimics hydrodynanJics
Collective motion of vibrated polar disks.
A monolayer of vibrated disks with a built-in polar asymmetry which enables them to move quasibalistically on a large persistence length is experimentally studied to observe the onset of large-scale collective motion and the existence of giant number fluctuations.
Self-propulsion of pure water droplets by spontaneous Marangoni-stress-driven motion.
Experiments with a highly concentrated solution of salt instead of water, and tetradecane instead of squalane, confirm the above mechanism, and the present swimming droplets are able to carry external bodies such as large colloids, salt crystals, and even cells.