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Material Removal Mechanisms in Lapping and Polishing
This paper reviews the fundamental mechanisms of material removal in lapping and polishing processes and identifies key areas where further work is required. Expand
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Novel testing facility for investigating wear on PGM sample tools
For the fabrication of highly precise glass optics, Precision Glass Molding (PGM) is the state-of-the-art replicative manufacturing process. However, the process efficiency is mainly determined byExpand
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Investigation of the effects of process parameters on the glass-to-mold sticking force during precision glass molding
Abstract Compression glass molding is a promising manufacturing process for high precision, low cost glass optical elements. However, the conditions during glass molding are known to cause stickingExpand
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Development of a low cost high precision fabrication process for glass hybrid aspherical diffractive lenses
The hybrid aspherical diffractive singlet achromat design can be used to reduce chromatic aberration in compact optical systems. In this paper, the development of a compression molded, low cost andExpand
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A hybrid polymer-glass achromatic microlens array fabricated by compression molding
This paper presents the feasibility of creating a hybrid polymer–glass achromatic microlens array by compression molding. This affordable and high precision microlens array design has potentialExpand
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Analysis of defect mechanisms in polishing of tool steels
This paper shows the results of experiments describing the polishing process and defect mechanisms in order to generate process strategies for manufacturing “defect-free” high-gloss polished tool steel surfaces. Expand
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Surface Interactions in Steel Polishing for the Precision Tool Making
The polishing of steel becomes more and more important due to the increasing qualitative demands on the surface finish of tools and dies. But despite many research activities in the recent years, theExpand
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Efficient mold manufacturing for precision glass molding
Precision glass molding is an efficient near net shape fabrication method for high volume production of aspherical optical glass components. Up until now, the mold manufacturing is still the mostExpand
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Modeling of contact behavior between polishing pad and workpiece surface
The polishing pad is one of the most significant components within a polishing system. Expand
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