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Echovirus 4 and type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Aims/hypothesis: To determine the association between exposure to enteroviruses and Type I diabetes. Methods: We measured neutralizing antibodies to the following enteroviruses: Coxsackievirus CA9,Expand
Effect of standard nicotinamide in the prevention of type 1 diabetes in first degree relatives of persons with type 1 diabetes
Background: Nicotinamide has been used with success to prevent type 1 diabetes in animal models and humans. This vitamin B3 derivative has attracting effects on β-cell protection and regeneration.Expand
Mortality of Childhood-Onset IDDM Patients: A cohort study in Havana City Province, Cuba
OBJECTIVE To determine the survival pattern and the underlying cause of death in a cohort of childhood-onset IDDM subjects from Havana City Province, Cuba. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS This was aExpand
Malacoceros longiseta, a new species of Spionidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Venezuela
Several specimens of polychaetes were collected on a sandy beach at depths of 0–1 m in the northeastern Venezuelan using a PVC corer (0.018 m2), taking sediment cores of 20 cm depth. Samples wereExpand
Holoplanktonic polychaetes (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Venezuela
A taxonomic characterization of holoplanktonic polychaetes from 107 sites around the Paria Peninsula and Atlantic coast of Venezuela was made. Samples were obtained using a modified Bongo. ElevenExpand
Islet cell related antibodies and type 1 diabetes associated with echovirus 30 epidemic: A case report
Type 1 diabetes associated genes account for less than 50% of disease susceptibility. Human enteroviruses have been implicated as environmental factors that might trigger and/or accelerate thisExpand
Seasonality of birth and Type 1 diabetes onset in children (0–14 years) in Cuba
Microalbuminuria re ̄ects increased renal capillary permeability and is predictive of chronic renal failure in patients with diabetes mellitus [1,2]. Clinitek Microalbumin strips (Bayer plc,Expand
Description of two new species of Malacoceros and Rhynchospio spionids (Polychaeta: Spionidae) from the Grand Caribbean region
Se describen dos nuevas especies de espionidos del mar Caribe, Malacoceros cariacoensis n. sp. de Venezuela y Rhynchospio harrisae n. sp. de Guana, Islas Virgenes, Islas Virgenes Britanicas.Expand
Sternaspis chilensis n. sp., a new species from austral Chilean channels and fjords (Annelida, Sternaspidae).
Sternaspis chilensis n. sp. is described based on specimens collected in channels and fjords of southern Chile and previously identified as Sternaspis scutata (Ranzani, 1817), originally describedExpand
Frequency and duration of breast-feeding in Cuban children with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM)
It has been suggested that breastfeeding is a protective factor against Type 1 DM due to anti-infection properties or delay in exposure to other agents in the diet. A descriptive study was carriedExpand