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Correlation between dental-maxillary abnormalities and disfunctional factors.
Introduction: Maxillary and dental device functions (mastication, deglutition, breathing, vocal tract, mimics) are provided by rhythmic movements of jaw, lips and mimic muscles. Under their action,Expand
Medical and social care of old age persons.
Introduction: In general, the main characteristic of old age persons is the fact that they show signs of poli-pathology which require a multi-medicamentary. At the level of population living in BihorExpand
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The success of therapy by means of tooth extraction is provided by a correct diagnosis, timely treatment and by leading towards a favourable outcome through complementary orthodontic treatment. InExpand
Fluorine - an important element in prophylaxis.
The fluorine is brought to the human body through 2 ways: with food and water, while through the respiratory way it is exceptional and by chance. The aim of this paper is to emphasize the importanceExpand
The advent of dento-maxillary abnormalities due to early tooth eruption.
At the body level the accelerated tooth eruption leads to a disproportion between the teeth and maxillofacial skeleton deficiencies timing of dentition and skeleton, two dental and skeletal systemsExpand
Protrusion occurrence rate in the maxiliary-dental anomalies.
In case of maxillary-dental anomalies, the protrusion or the proalveolodentition may be relatively frequently met in case of some complex clinic disorders and rarely as a single anomaly. There areExpand