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Bio‐ORACLE: a global environmental dataset for marine species distribution modelling
Aim The oceans harbour a great diversity of organisms whose distribution and ecological preferences are often poorly understood. Species distribution modelling (SDM) could improve our knowledge andExpand
The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity
BACKGROUND The question of how many marine species exist is important because it provides a metric for how much we do and do not know about life in the oceans. We have compiled the first register ofExpand
Bio‐ORACLE v2.0: Extending marine data layers for bioclimatic modelling
Motivation: The availability of user-friendly, high-resolution global environmental datasets is crucial for bioclimatic modelling. For terrestrial environments, WorldClim has served this purposeExpand
The genus Dictyota in the Indian Ocean
European seaweeds under pressure: Consequences for communities and ecosystem functioning
Seaweed assemblages represent the dominant autotrophic biomass in many coastal environments, playing a central structural and functional role in several ecosystems. In Europe, seaweed assemblages areExpand
Algal taxonomy: a road to nowhere?
The widespread view of taxonomy as an essentially retrogressive and outmoded science unable to cope with the current biodiversity crisis stimulated us to analyze the current status of cataloguingExpand
New phylogenetic hypotheses for the core Chlorophyta based on chloroplast sequence data
Phylogenetic relationships in the green algal phylum Chlorophyta have long been subject to debate, especially at higher taxonomic ranks (order, class). The relationships among three traditionallyExpand
Species Diversity, Phylogeny and Large Scale Biogeographic Patterns of the Genus Padina (Phaeophyceae, Dictyotales)
The brown algal genus Padina (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) is distributed worldwide in tropical and temperate seas. Global species diversity and distribution ranges, however, remain largely unknown.Expand
The green seaweed Ulva: a model system to study morphogenesis
Green macroalgae, mostly represented by the Ulvophyceae, the main multicellular branch of the Chlorophyceae, constitute important primary producers of marine and brackish coastal ecosystems. Ulva orExpand
Evolution and phylogeography of Halimeda section Halimeda (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta).
Nuclear ribosomal and plastid DNA sequences of specimens belonging to section Halimeda of the pantropical green seaweed genus Halimeda show that the group under scrutiny contains many moreExpand