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Analysis and Experimental Verification for Dynamic Modeling of A Skid-Steered Wheeled Vehicle
Skid-steered vehicles are often used as outdoor mobile robots due to their robust mechanical structure and high maneuverability. Sliding, along with rolling, is inherent to general curvilinearExpand
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Active type robotic mobility aid control based on passive behavior
This paper proposes a motion control algorithm for an active type of robotic mobility aid based on passive behavior concept. Passive behavior is an important characteristic of a system that providesExpand
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A New Control Approach for a Robotic Walking Support System in Adapting User Characteristics
This paper proposes a new control approach for a robotic walking support system to adapt a user's controlling characteristic. The control approach will be implemented by changing the kinematicExpand
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Control of walking support system based on variable center of rotation
This paper propose a new control algorithm for a robotic walking support system, which varies the kinematic structure of the system to adapt users' walking or controlling disability. Elderly whoExpand
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Approach in Assisting a Sit-to-Stand Movement Using Robotic Walking Support System
This paper presents an approach in assisting a sit-to-stand movement using a robotic walking support system. In general, robotic walking support system is used to provide walking stability. We willExpand
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Power modeling of a skid steered wheeled robotic ground vehicle
Analysis of the power consumption of a robotic ground vehicle (RGV) is important for planning since it enables motion plans that do not violate the power limitations of the motors, energy efficientExpand
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Motion Planning for Mobile Robots Via Sampling-Based Model Predictive Optimization
Path planning is a method that determines a path, consecutive states, between a start state and goal state, LaValle (2006). However, in motion planning that path must be parameterized by time toExpand
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Dynamic modeling of a skid-steered wheeled vehicle with experimental verification
Skid-steered vehicles are often used as outdoor mobile robots due to their robust mechanical structure and high maneuverability. Sliding along with rolling is inherent to general curvilinear motion,Expand
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A Stochastic Clustering Auction (SCA) for Centralized and Distributed Task Allocation in Multi-agent Teams
This paper considers the problem of optimal task allocation for heterogeneous teams, e.g., teams of heterogeneous robots or human-robot teams. It is well known that this problem is NP hard and henceExpand
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Microjet-based Separation Control Using a Virtual Sensor for Degree of Separation
Flow separation yields undesirable characteristics such as increased drag and energy consumption, and reduction in lift, factors that degrade the aerodynamic performance of a vehicle. This paperExpand
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