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A demographic survey of leg and foot ulcer patients in a defined population.
By means of a questionnaire sent to all medical units in Malmö, including primary care, homes for the elderly, and industrial health clinics, 275 patients with leg and foot ulcers were identified, with a prevalence of 0.12%, which is lower than reported by others. Expand
Quality of life in chronic leg ulcer patients. An assessment according to the Nottingham Health Profile.
This study indicates that male leg ulcer patients should be more closely observed for symptoms of emotional stress, pain, social isolation and impaired physical mobility, and indicates that more efforts should be made to alleviate pain. Expand
Individual variation in nickel patch test reactivity.
The variation in nickel reactivity is of great importance and should be kept in mind when a patient has a positive history of allergic contact dermatitis but negative patch test results to nickel. Expand
External and internal exposure to the antigen in the hand eczema of nickel allergy
It is concluded that ingestion of small amounts of nickel may be of greater importance in maintaining the hand eczema than external contacts with the metal. Expand
PUVA and cancer: a large-scale epidemiological study
This study confirms previous reports of a dose-dependent increase in the incidence of squamous cell cancer in patients treated with PUVA and indicates concern about the long-term carcinogenic effects of psoralen and ultraviolet A radiation for treatment of skin disorders. Expand
Local and systemic effect of ultraviolet irradiation (UVB and UVA) on human allergic contact dermatitis.
The systemic suppressive effect of UVB might be of therapeutic importance in patients with severe chronic dermatitis of the hands when adding this effect to a local suppressiveEffect of UVA, but UVA has no such effect. Expand
Treatment of chronic hand eczema with UV‐B Handylux® in the clinic and at home
According to the experience, the effect of high dose UV‐B in chronic hand eczema is almost comparable to PUVA, and offers an opportunity for patients to treat themselves at home. Expand
Treatment with disulfiram in chronic nickel hand dermatitis
Eleven patients with nickel allergy and hand eczema of the pompholyx type were treated with disulfiram 200 mg daily for 8 weeks. 2 patients healed and 8 improved considerably. Mild relapses wereExpand
Oral hyposensitization in nickel allergy.
In two controlled studies, each including 24 patients with contact allergy to nickel, different protocols were designed in an attempt to diminish the patients' hypersensitivity by oral administrationExpand